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02 Jun 2024 10:57:58
Ed1, alright mate?

Outside of Mo, we seem to have an issues with players, who otherwise play really well, finding the net.

Do you think it's the skill level of the individuals, the pace we've played at (interesting to see what changes in end product, if Slot builds more slowly), being too furious to control the shots, or do we need a striker coach perhaps?

Or is it something else why we have scored 1 goal from 26 shots on some occasions?


{Ed001's Note - it is most likely the coaching and tactics. Particularly the tactics as even good chances are not open goal shots very often. We had become so slow and ponderous in our build up and played without width, which allowed the opposition defence to hold their full team within the width of the penalty box. So we rarely got time to pick a spot, it was always snatched chances before the player was closed down or smacked from the edge of the box into a packed box.}

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02 Jun 2024 11:36:32
I think it was said that this season was the 2nd highest season for goals for under Klopps reign.

I reckon it was probably our best season for goal return from our midfielders in about 20 years also.

I'll happily take a few more 1 nil wins next season over us scoring 2 or 3 and then conceding the same.

02 Jun 2024 11:49:04
Exactly, Ed01. One more thing and would like your take on this. IMO, we are guilty of "over-playing" in certain phases esp. in front of goal. In the UTD league game at OT, it looked like we were passing it too much rather than someone just take responsibility and fire the ball at goal. We kept looking for the exta pass and yet, we are all shocked the chance goes dead.

Biggest ex. was the 5 v 2 chance where Salah releases Diaz and for some stupid reason Diaz rather than fire it across a hapless Onana to prolly score (like he did vs Arsenal in the FA Cupp tie), he inexplicably passes ot to Darwin who is wide of the goal and can't score from there. he then tries to square it back to Szobo (mate, I couldn't believe my eyes) and the chance goes dead. There's a lot more examples where this came from.

Same happened vs Wolves. Quansah takes 3 touches on the ball before passing it to Elliott who croses for Macca to score. Why is Quansah taking that many touches on the ball before passing it? This is what does my head in with this wretched, slow possesion crap we plaed over the last 2/ 3 yrs. If anything at least, we don't have to do any of that again with Slot coming in.

{Ed001's Note - that is a big problem with playing controlled football - players are so drilled into keeping possession that they want the perfect chance before shooting. They know that a shot which doesn't go in is almost certainly going to turn over possession.}

02 Jun 2024 12:42:45
Against Utd, Palace, Everton we did create gilt edged chances with time And just the keeper to beat. Probably at least 10 easy chances missed in those 3 games alone.

02 Jun 2024 13:21:34
Sorry oli maybe I misunderstood you but slot will play even slower tempo more passing game but hopefully players will be better drilled, expect a lot of five yard passes which is interesting because then we take away Trent’s best feature attributes.

02 Jun 2024 13:45:49
I really look forward to what Arne Slot will do with the tactical setup.

I think this is a case of less is more.

02 Jun 2024 15:13:18
Ed01, I can definitely get that. It is instinctive at this point which clearly did not help. Hopefully, Slot can have an impact on this part of our game.

@Mark, indeed that is true BUT it is still part of the problem or should I say, related. If you are being drilled to play possession footie and always looking for the extra pass, you lack the killer instinct and aggressivity to take on the responsibility of scoring since you are drilled to look for the pass first even tho, you are in a good position to shoot and prolly score. That prolly affected us in the chances created in the games you mentioned, IMO.

@Colonel, now that I am not sure of since I've never seen Feyenoord play under Slot BUT what I have gathered about him is that tho, he likes his team to have the ball, he does not play possession system like we do. We shall see.

02 Jun 2024 15:21:15
Most of the time Diaz and Nunez can’t finish. Jota is never fit. Salah on the decline. Gakpo is mostly anonymous
They’re all good players, but I think one or two need to be sacrificed for a centre forward who scores goals.

02 Jun 2024 17:44:49
Real Madrid did just fine this season without a striker.

Dread to think what they will be like with Endrick and Mbappe!

02 Jun 2024 19:01:48
Liverpool FC8 is spot on. Find someone who can put the ball in the net, if that means spending big then do it.

02 Jun 2024 19:52:18
Gakpo showed signs at the end of the season that he's capable of more. Diaz I'd move him on for the right money and give Cody a run on the left. Nunez I'd give him a season under Slot but he's in the Diaz category for me.

02 Jun 2024 23:12:49
I watched a video today of Nunez first 50 goals and assists for LFC.
I recommend watching it.
That kid can do it all. Find the corners from the edge of the box, chip the keeper, pass it into the net, headers, volleys, cheeky back flicks, smash it past the keeper.
His head never drops! His work ethic is second to none, sometimes I think he tries to do too much and is exhausted when chances come to him.

The problem are his misses. They’re ugly. It gives an unfair impression of him.

In the right system, in the right position, with better coaching that kid can be unplayable.

He definitely gets this season under Slot.

03 Jun 2024 01:09:53
Agreed Ron, he's a special player in the moment mate but them moments are few and far between - with his finishing. I do believe in a new system we could have a really good player in him. If I'm in his shoes I'd be taking shooting practice all summer. He's definitely a talented lad, I think we might be in for something special from him.

I thought during the season, he frustrates himself from trying to hard but it shoes how passionate he is about succeeding which is great but he just needs to relax a little and the goals will come for sure. I get the impression the lad get's far too stressed too easily with himself. He just needs more guidance, he will mature and start firing them in I have no doubt.

03 Jun 2024 09:01:39
I think you could look at clips of all our forwards goals and realize they are special.

But in the same sense if you watched just clips of some of their misses this season you wouldn't believe it was the same players.

03 Jun 2024 12:01:37
Nice one, Salah. I fully agree with all you have said about Nunez. The kid is not "it" yet and his finishing still needs some work, for sure. Now that does not remove from the fact that the kid is immensely talented, no question about it even with his misses be damned.

I do think that sometimes when baring down on goal, Darwin doesn't try to steady himself first where in most cases as Ian Wright once said, there is an instinctive deep breathe you take to calm yourself down, size up the GK before taking the shot. He plays fast and takes chances at full speed at times and that hurts him, IMO.

He just needs a someone to get to that psychological side of him and let him know that he is backed to the hilt. Not saying Klopp didn't do that cos pretty sure he did BUT if Darwin keeps getting into his own head as you say, he's going to struggle still.

03 Jun 2024 13:10:51
And when I said a few weeks back that I love this man regardless if he scores or not a certain fanboy shot me down and said I can’t support Liverpool and here he is.

03 Jun 2024 14:06:49
I don’t think you said that Sid, you said regardless of how he plays or something similar.

03 Jun 2024 14:20:28
Surely Ron mate you must’ve known that’s what I meant, no need to say that I can’t support Liverpool though when I’ve been supporting them since 1974 when I saw them play in the FA Cup final that same year, not once have I called someone out on here and said you can’t support Liverpool regardless if I disagree with what they post.

03 Jun 2024 17:41:31
At what age do footballers stop being kids?

{Ed001's Note - about the same time as they retire usually.}

03 Jun 2024 19:42:44
Brilliant Ed001. How easy it is for all of us to forget that after all, it is still and only a children's game. ?.

{Ed001's Note - exactly. Let's face it, most of us grow older rather than grow up anyway. That's why we are all so invested in a game.}



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