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06 Jun 2024 10:08:42
The one issue with Adrian extending is taking up a non-HG spot. Unless some are sold (Tsimikas/ Salah/ Grav/ etc) there’s only 2 non-HG spots left in the squad. If Kelleher leaves it means either promoting from within, buying a HG option or buying at least one HG player to replace either Matip or Thiago.

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06 Jun 2024 10:41:56
I think sometimes fans get to hung up on issues like home grown and finances. I am sure the powers that be are aware of the situation and will plan transfers accordingly.

06 Jun 2024 11:22:35
Maybe Adrian will become the new goal keeping coach that is why he has been offered a new contract?

06 Jun 2024 11:41:06
If Alisson wants Adrian to stay, that is enough of a reason for me. A happy Alisson means a happy Virg.

06 Jun 2024 12:00:19
We've loads of homegrown the academy is seeing to that. People always stress about it each summer yet were always fine.

06 Jun 2024 14:04:58
June and gaga are right, this conversation happens all the time, every single year. I'd like to think the top dogs know what they're doing, it's fine. Not even worth a thought.

06 Jun 2024 16:04:02
You can have 17 senior non-HG players. You can then have 8 more senior players but they must be HG for the Premier league rules, and at least 4 of them must be club trained for the UEFA rules. You can list as many u21's as you want. Next season a few of our u21's will have turned 21 and will need to be listed. I believe it is as follows but may not be absolutely 100% accurate as some of the lads returning from loan have also turned 21:

non-HG: (16 players)
Alisson, Adrian, Arroyo, Konate, Virgil, Robbo, Tsimikas, Mac Allister, Szoboszlai, Endo, Gravenberch, Diaz, Salah, Gakpo, Jota, Nunez

HG: (3)
Gomez, Carvalho, Phillips

Club trained: (12)
Kelleher, Beck, Trent, Williams, Koumetio, Bradley, Quansah, Elliott, Morton, Jones, van den Berg, Jaros

We're currently 6 senior players over the 25 man allowance but we're 1 short of the non-HG limit before you even allow for the fact Arroyo will definitely leave. The HG and club trained lists need thinning out for players with no futures here.

06 Jun 2024 16:12:20
Just the thought of the worlds best goalkeeper being coached by Adrian just seems bizarre to me.

06 Jun 2024 16:28:34
Who's to say Adrian isn't a natural coach?
The majority of managers were no great shakes as players, their strong suit lay elsewhere.

06 Jun 2024 16:45:37
Adrian is a waste of a non HG space, as he was last year when he played no games. You can’t keep someone around just for the banter and it’d be better to get a similar age/ experiences English keeper for that third choice slot, there’s no shortage of them who are at the same level or better than Adrian.

As for Arroyo, he won’t be playing for us and is probably going out on loan again.

06 Jun 2024 17:40:43
VV you’re a waste of space ;)

06 Jun 2024 18:07:26
VV as Ed01 has said, Adrian is already and essentially part of the GK coaching setup going back to 2 seasons ago so you calling him a waste of a HG spot is just typical nonsense that is spewed with no knowledge of how things actually work at LFC. You may disagree and that is fine BUT at least act like you know how things work at LFC. Just saying.

06 Jun 2024 18:23:34
Put it this way i wouldn't be worried whether a player is homegrown or not when were trying to sign them, we don't have to. Our academy is doing a cracking job, the standard of player coming through is getting better and better. No stupid english tax for LFC.

06 Jun 2024 18:42:32
Well if he's a coach sign him as 1, just another hanger on. Just saying.

06 Jun 2024 19:36:51
If he’s a coach, then join the coaching staff. But wasting valuable non home grown space on a player who doesn’t play and isn’t particularly great when he does play, is the waste of that space given that they are limited to only 17 and the unequivocal fact that English players come at an extreme premium compared to their relative quality, its poor squad management.

06 Jun 2024 19:37:56
Oli I said he was a waste of a non HG space. That is unequivocal fact.

06 Jun 2024 19:57:00
In my opinion we will clear out plenty of space and this there is absolutely no need to stress. In the definitely being sold/ loaned I’d have:
- Kelleher
- van den Berg
- Arroyo
- Williams
- Koumetio
- Phillips
Kelleher and Sepp have both publicly declared their desire to leave and the other 4 just aren’t anywhere near good enough. That immediately takes it down to the required 25 players (15 non-HG and 10 HG)

Then in the probably being sold/ loaned I’d predict:
- Jaros
- Tsimikas
- Morton
- Carvalho
- Diaz
Jaros will probably want 1st team football, Tsimikas’ agent reckons he’s for sale, Morton and Carvalho will likely go back to the Championship which is more their level, and Diaz’s dad has made his thoughts abundantly clear. That would leave 20 players (13 non-HG and 7 HG) .

So I think very realistically/ conservatively we will have room for 4 non-HG signings and 1 HG signing over the age of 21. Ed002 has explained that Gomez is also of interest to Saudi and Gravenberch is of interest to Milan but from a position of complete ignorance I still think they will probably end up staying, but if not that’s 1 more HG slot and 1 more non-HG slot freed up. There’s obviously interest in a few others too, however I really can’t see the club allowing Alisson, Virgil, Trent, Mac Allister or Salah to leave in a crucial period of transition irrespective of the interest in them from Saudi, Barcelona and Madrid. That’s basically our 5 best players and the spine of our starting XI. Our finances are very much in order, so we’ll be under no pressure or obligation to sell any of them unless they force the issue, which none of them will do in my opinion.

Abandon your panic stations. We’re fine!

06 Jun 2024 21:00:34
1985 mickey john Acterberg was a second division goalkeeper at Tranmere rovers before he became a coach at LFC he was coaching Ali for all the time he was at the club and Ali was still best keeper in the world.

06 Jun 2024 21:59:23
"That is unequivocal fact. "

Your opinions are NOT facts, let alone "unequivocal" facts.

Take a day off, sunshine.

06 Jun 2024 22:20:42
i thought Tafferal came in 2021 to coach Ali, i am sure he's staying as well.

08 Jun 2024 08:26:10
Acterberg also coached Mignolet and Karius.

08 Jun 2024 08:26:10
Acterberg also coached Mignolet and Karius.

08 Jun 2024 09:26:33
MK, over half those players you’ve listed to be sold weren’t part of the squad. Liverpool currently have 16 senior non-HG players on the books, if Tsimikas and Diaz leave, Liverpool will be able to buy 3 non-HG players max.



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