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10 Jun 2024 21:00:53
What is all this, if we come 4th or 3rd place next season, people would be happy? We were a few games and a few bad var decisions away from winning it last season.

The side was good enough and with one or two players, i expect us to win the league next season. I am sure Arne will be coming with that thought and expectation, otherwise why take the job on?

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10 Jun 2024 21:10:43
I’ll take third currently, but without reinforcements I fear we could miss out on the top four. I think we need a top quality defender, a destroyer In midfield and a player to stay fit to put the ball in the net. Knowing our clubs model it wouldn’t surprise me if they made do.

10 Jun 2024 22:44:38
Expecting to win the league is for entitled fans who boo their teams after any poorish performance.
Let them eat cake.

I will hope that Slot makes the step up seemlessly and builds on what we did this season with a title challenge. What I really want to see is a plan and execution of a plan that will keep us challenging for years to come. Ie. We play a plan really well. Exciting effective football that dominates most teams and competes with the other big boys. Maybe it took a while to take full shape and we got unlucky in a few places ending is on third or fourth but by the end of the season we were firing and it was really starting to come together. That kind of season I can certainly love with. On the other hand, we could get a manager bounce. Start off the blocks like a racehorse. Rose our luck in places but it starts to fade. We lose our way a little bit. The football looks different from week to week and we finish third or fourth. That is not a good season.

Position is important but less important than the journey. Most important for this season is that the team is on the right path for the future. I never rule out a title win. It is possible. But I'm really looking at plan and performance this season. I want to see something build into a dominant force. I want us to be the best team in the world for a decent period of time. That aim doesn't seem like it's built in one season so I just want to see the building blocks and have the feeling by the end of the season that we have the right man for the job.

We took a gamble. High risk high reward. I want to see the gamble pay off over the course of the season.

10 Jun 2024 22:52:15
I think this team can win the league. We should’ve won it this season just gone. Klopp’s greatest achievement at the club was arguably turning doubters into believers, so why give up on that mantra he instilled so soon?

10 Jun 2024 23:26:42
The current squad wasn’t good enough to win the league last year and the same group of players won’t be good enough next year. The table doesn’t lie and standing still in the premier league is essentially going backwards. Unfortunately the answers to the problems we had doesn’t lie within the players in our squad.

11 Jun 2024 00:33:42
We won’t be peaking next season in my opinion.

New style, new manager, new coaches.

Compared to City who have become a title machine.

Top 4 will be satisfactory.

11 Jun 2024 00:54:03
I believe we could win the league but the question is, will we? In my opinion no, not yet. New tactics, new manager, coaches etc. Nah, it will not happen in my opinion. We have a great team which is more than capable but in my opinion either City or Arsenal will do it. We can only hope but I think we're only dreaming wishing Slot would win his first title in his first season. Top 4 would do me just fine.

11 Jun 2024 05:00:31
I think the squad is probably good enough for us to win the league if everybody is on form and spirits are high, I don’t even think that replacing Endo is a prerequisite for us to win it (maybe getting another top quality center back and replacing kelleher are of much greater importance) but you have to give slot the time to figure out how he can adjust his system to the speed and intensity of the league and figure out what sorts of risks he can take and which can’t be simply cut and pasted from the feyenoord template, the only way for him to find that out is on the job unfortunately, but I do think he’ll figure it out sooner or later, he isn’t an idiot and studies premier league football every chance he gets, he’s up for the job but surely we can understand if there are a few hiccups on the way.

11 Jun 2024 06:40:34
At least 2 key additions needed to go into team if we to improve on last season.

11 Jun 2024 06:44:46
Yes we can hope for a title win or top four, but as others have mentioned, new coach, new style etc. I know Slot is supposed to be similar to Slot, but there will be differences in the way he does things.

There will be ups and downs next season as the team gets used to a new things. I hope for top 4, but would be happy with top 6. I know I will get shouted down that we are LFC and top 4 is the minimum, but just trying to play down my own expectations, as I know if Slot has a minor slump or is not top 4 straight away supporters will be asking for him to be sacked.

He needs time, just like any new coach to implement their ideas and get their own players in.

11 Jun 2024 06:48:54
Conte, Mourinho, Ranieri and Pellegrini all won the league in their first seasons at Chelsea x2, Leicester and Man City.

It being Slot’s first season means absolutely nothing. He’s inheriting a good squad and it will definitely have quality added to it as well.

Why are people being so negative? 8 weeks to go people genuinely thought there was a slim chance we could do the Quad last season. Now nobody is good enough? Flakey, comes to mind. We just hit a bad patch and by his own admission Klopp had no energy left, so he was never going to turn things around after we lost momentum.

11 Jun 2024 07:22:38
We will stick with our team through thick and thin whatever or whoever we'll we play that's the beauty of this great game its a buzz just walking into the stadium in my opinion a love the people of Liverpool so friendly and kind am glad ma best mate whilst in the army was a scouser on a side note the music is pretty good also.

11 Jun 2024 07:26:57
We will win.

11 Jun 2024 07:41:27
Last season wasn’t a new regime.
The players and the coaches all need time to get used to the new regime.
Of course we could win the league and I understand Pep is still not nailed down for next season. BUT, if he is at City then we will need City and Arsenal to have poor seasons.
It could happen, it’s just unlikely.

11 Jun 2024 07:46:56
There’s a fine line between optimism and delusion MK, it was painfully obvious at the end of the season how far short we are. Too weak in midfield, not enough pace or nous up top and defensively frail. How many times did we concede first last year or give away cheap goals, that was a consistent theme all season. How easy were we to carve open in midfield? We also looked like we lacked cutting edge up front at times. None of those are particularly traits of a championship winning side.

11 Jun 2024 08:02:05
Question when the fixtures for next season come out next week how soon would I be able to purchase some?

11 Jun 2024 08:05:23
I'd be very happy with top 4, new manager, players leaving players coming in. good cup runs. don't think we've got a realistic chance of winning it.

11 Jun 2024 08:41:57
I posted something similar to this question last week. Let's be brutally honest. We're missing a deadly goal scorer (Jota staying fit or Nunez being consistent) AND a top level holding midfielder. I love Endo but he just isn't quite top level. No coincidence Rice and Rodri make such a difference to the teams who finished above us.

If Jota or Nunez can stay fit/ score consistently then we only need 2 signings. A left sided CB to push VVD and a top level holding midfielder. If we get them signings right I'm convinced we'll challenge.

11 Jun 2024 09:33:27
I tend to agree with MK on his why such negativity remarks. The squad is in a healthy state and certainly capable of maintaining a competitive challenge for trophies. As Jurgen said in his farewell speech, keep believing. It actually does filter down to the players.

At one point in that Atlanta 2nd leg game, when Salah went through 1 on 1 and could have made it 2-0, I believed the comeback was on, I really did. After he missed the chance our 2nd half performance was one of a team who stopped believing they could do it. And the lads in the away section supporting us couldn't do anything about it.

Lets build on last season. No offence to Endo but a stronger DM is required to take us to another level. Robbo is picking up injuries a lot now and Kostas can't be relied on, so whether Chambers or Beck can step up, we may need to bring in another left footed Defender.

The Talk around departures are just hot air at present. I have confidence in Edwards to have a plan, if some players do decide to leave.
Arne has my full support, as I like the way he sets his team up and I am looking forward to watching him take this team onwards and upwards.
Come on you reds. YNWA.

11 Jun 2024 10:29:54
VV, all the issues you mentioned are consequences of a certain tactical approach, and not inherent problems with the squad, are you saying it’s in the players’ dna to concede first, like they’re hardwired to lose or something? I don’t get your arguments a lot of the time, in a different setup we could see different players take huge steps forwards or backwards, you never know, Curtis Jones could be the ideal player to anchor the mats wieffer role in the new formation (though maybe his passing range is not the same level but his press resistance on the ball and pressing off the ball are pretty elite), I don’t know why you always have to act like everything is a foregone conclusion, must be pretty stressful being so defeatist all the time

For me personally I think Slot appears to have some similarities with Klopp but his buildup play looks quite a bit different, slot likes to move the ball through the lines in a more calculated way with interplays with very technical players being close to one another, whereas klopp likes to spray the ball out wide through Trent or Virgil in a more direct fashion to have the wingers create and then have the 8s high up the field occupying the back line, time will tell whether those sequences of play work the way he wants and whether the players can accustom themselves to play that way after being drilled in more direct klopp style play

I think we have the personnel to play that way but the problem lies in how quickly they can take to actually implementing the new approach.

11 Jun 2024 10:54:19
MK, it's not about being negative mate, if anything I am very positive about the future of our club but we also have to be a little realistic. Your post makes complete sense and I won't call you wrong but I just feel a little different.
I don't think we have it in us right now. I look at that Arsenal squad and City, can we really compete with them? I believe we can but will we? I have my doubts because too many changes are coming. I'll say we can win it in the next 2-3 seasons. I just hope people don't turn on Slot for not winning his first season in charge.

One thing for sure mate is every prediction I make is usually wrong in football so I hope to Christ you're telling me I told you so next season lol. We can hope or dream? I'll wake up now. :)

11 Jun 2024 11:06:13
Rabh easiest way to get tickets is buy a LFC membership for the year and then enter the 2 lots ballots they run for the season.

If successful you're getting tickets at club cost then which is £50 odd for adults and £9 for under 16's.

On the site there is no dates given yet for any ticket sales.

11 Jun 2024 11:33:43
Slot has big shoes to fill as us LFC fans regularly claimed that Klopp was the best manager in the world.

Slot will need to succeed where Klopp failed so technically he needs to be the next best manager in the world.

It was also claimed that Klopp didn't buy superstars he made them. But I've also seen it said that Slot will get the best out of players (Nunez in particular) where Klopp didn't.

Following Klopp is not going to be an easy task.

11 Jun 2024 13:52:55
New coach, new ideas, new culture. Top 4 is the minimum expectation with hopefully a sign that a new ruthless winning machine is forming.

What we did last season will be irrelevant now.

12 Jun 2024 00:56:54
I just hope we play good football that’s a p, erasure to watch, to be honest.



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