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21 Nov 2023 18:02:07
Hi Ed002,

If you have some time I would appreciate your opinion. I am not looking for you to tell the future.

I really like Diaz but if he left for a good fee I think he is replaceable and Jota and Gakpo don't give the same options as him as he is somewhat a "propel winger" in my opinion. Both of them are a lot more versatile. Who would you say could become an option if we replace at all?

Do you think Olise could be an option for the right?

Last but not least and a one word answer would suffice I will never ask again. Can we just remove from Liverpool rumours the names Wirzt, Mbappe, Osimhen, Saka and Valverde as these guys won't be coming.

Thank you in advance and I know this is a little random.

{Ed002's Note - Liverpool have Diaz, Jota and Gakpo who are LW - plus a real great option in Mateusz Musialowski coming through. They do not need to replace like for like but need a versatile placer who would be a Salah replacement - and this is what they are looking to. Liverpool have shown no interest in Olise even though Klopp seems keen to recruit ex-Chelsea Academy players - perhaps dragging the Liverpool Academy up to the same level would be better. Liverpool have looked at a series of options to replace Salah, but it won't be an easy job as you are no doubt aware. Klopp has his preferred choice as I have explained but he may not be an option and any addition of a Director of Fooball to eventually replace Jorg Schmadtke would have his own input. Liverpool seem o have pre-contract agreements to sign Wirtz, Mbappe, Osimhen and Saka in January. Valverde will not join before the summer.}

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21 Nov 2023 22:14:07
Thanks for that and as always I really appreciate your thoughts. I understand there are too many unknowns but nice to get your opinion. I’m delighted with all the pre-contracts! The future is bright.

21 Nov 2023 23:01:16
Jota and Gakpo are definitely not left wingers. They can play there because they are good players but both are much better through the middle.

If we are selling Diaz and want to keep playing Nunez through the middle we will need to replace Diaz. It makes no sense at all unless he is pushing for a move.

22 Nov 2023 01:49:31
i would like to see nunez on the left salah on the right with gakpo feeding them similar to how we worked with mane n bobby, nunez is getting better through the middle but he was a monster from the left against us.

22 Nov 2023 07:24:21
I don't think we are aspiring to anything Chelsea are doing eds! Lol. the mask has slipped somewhat I think.

22 Nov 2023 06:25:26
Hi Ed002, I hope you are well. i've looked through the pages but can’t see who you have said Klopps preference is and was hoping you could advise please or point me in the right direction.

{Ed002's Note - Ideally Klopp wants Sane.}

22 Nov 2023 12:01:43
Do you expect us to extend Musialowski’s deal, ed?

{Ed002's Note - I have no knowledge of contracts but would expect Liverpool will want to keep him.}

22 Nov 2023 12:57:34
Thanks Ed completely agree - one question you mention Mateusz Musialowski my understanding was he was meant to be let go in the summer but some last minute change in deal meant it fell through.

Do you think his recent form is changing our staffs view?

{Ed002's Note - To somewhere in Austria I recall. He is certainly talented and well liked but he may, like so many youngsters, want a fast track solution.}

22 Nov 2023 17:35:36
Beckers Pecker, Gakpo himself has said he played as a winger for a number of years, so do you know better that he does?

22 Nov 2023 19:02:28
Ed your obsessed with liverpools obsession with Chelsea’s academy .
On the subject of academy football all age groups who is the top academy currently and what defines a great academy is it money earned from transfers is it most players in 1st team football what are the targets from academies other than the obvious of nurturing and producing very good footballers .

{Ed002's Note - Klopp is the one who has the hots for them. The best academises are seen to be Barcelona, Chelsea and Ajax.}

23 Nov 2023 10:07:38
Ed001 you say Chelsea have one of the best academies but I can only think of John Terry and James that has truly made it at the very top. They do produce lots of players but none apart from Terry and James I would say have been great a top 4 sides. I know a lot is thoughts of the young lad playing left back and cb for them this season but only time will tell with him.

{Ed001's Note - I think you are getting me mixed up with someone, unless you mean had? They certainly had one, but they have wasted it and now the best players go elsewhere.}

23 Nov 2023 16:54:09
Must be a kick in the gonads that a top 3 academys in the world would buy 20 players for a bill and not give them a chance haha.

23 Nov 2023 22:49:47
To be fair to Chelsea, they've made over £120m worth of sales from their academy players over the last 3 seasons, so from that perspective, I'd say they've been a success.

23 Nov 2023 22:57:57
Lofty, Wijnaldum played as a winger for a number of years too but that didn’t make it his best position in our team.

Gakpo can play there but he doesn’t have the pace or directness needed to play there in a front 3 full time. He’s much better dropping off into a deeper position where he can drag players to him and use his skill to maintain possession and create space for others. A lot like Bobby used to. Who incidentally did play as a winger for a number of years too.

Diaz is the perfect player for our system and we really missed him last season. If he hadn’t got injured we would be playing CL football this season.

If we sell him now we would be a weaker team.

24 Nov 2023 11:25:35
I kind of Agree Beckers but I can tell you never watched him play for PSV, being quick has nothing to do with being a good winger go and watch his goals and assists from the LW for the 3/ 4 years he played there he was fantastic if the club do move Diaz on which I don't think he will for a few years Gakpo would do just fine on that wing.

25 Nov 2023 18:22:51
Is it sarcasm when you said " Liverpool seem o have pre-contract agreements to sign Wirtz, Mbappe, Osimhen and Saka in January"? Or real?

26 Nov 2023 09:43:02
If we’re not looking at Olise, we should be.

Looks like a great prospect.

27 Nov 2023 21:23:28
Love Olise, Ron. One to watch.



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