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13 May 2024 07:20:49
Rumours are Liverpool will offer Allison a new deal and Caoimhin Kelleher will be released and a new understudy sought.

I personally think this is the wrong move. Allison is nearing the end of his time at this level and Kelleher has proved himselfwhen he has stood on.

I say keep Kelleher and release Allison.

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13 May 2024 07:35:07
GettIng a new first choice is far more problematic than getting a new second choice in. Go ahead and name one keeper out there as good as Alisson or with the potential to be as good. How many years did we have to put up with the likes of Mignolet and Karius?

13 May 2024 07:56:16
“I say keep Kelleher and release Allison”

Keep an average premier league/ strong championship level goalkeeper and release the best goalkeeper in world football?

Yeah, no thanks.

(No disrespect mean to Kelleher as he’s been great when called upon in cup games but if we’re all honest he will never be Allison)

13 May 2024 08:22:24
Don’t see Allisson form dropping off any time soon.

13 May 2024 09:07:26
Alisson's 31. That's barely a teenager in goalkeeper years. We'll get plenty out of him yet.

13 May 2024 09:39:02
I can see Kelleher going and us bringing back Jaros - seems to be doing very well on loan!

13 May 2024 09:44:14
I’ll be honest I don’t think he is and will ever be a top keeper Kelleher don’t get me wrong he’s very good but not top class.

13 May 2024 09:49:59
I don't think people should be so flippant about the risk with relying on Alisson. He misses a lot of games for a keeper and as he get's older that is likely to get worse, not better. There aren't many if any at his level when he's fit but he's got to be fit to be the best.

I would let Kelleher leave if he wants to go, but I'd be in no rush to push him out the door. If he does leave Jaros is doing really well for Sturm Graz and is about to help them win the Austrian league. Might be a good back up option at only 22 years old.

13 May 2024 10:06:08
As a point of order, Karius played 29 games for Liverpool, which in real terms is slightly less than half a season. So we didn’t have to ‘put up with him’ for that long.

Everybody is entitled to an opinion. Wanting to sell the number one number one on the planet is quite a ‘radical’ opinion.

13 May 2024 10:16:37
There’s a huge difference between Becker and Kelleher.

Becker has 4-5 years left in him.
Time to develop a new number 2, or start looking for a new number 1.

13 May 2024 10:27:46
Alisson is coming to the end of his time at this level? He's 31.

Ederson is 30. Martinez is 31. Oblak is 31. Courtois is 32. Ter Stegen is 32.

Manuel Neuer is 38.

Who is replacing all these pensioners?

13 May 2024 10:52:47
Allison is world class! So why would you move him on. He probably got another 8 years at high level football so do everything you can to keep him.

13 May 2024 10:55:35
Karius actually played 49 games when you rope in the cup games too. Which is a reign of terror that went on 49 games longer than it should have done.

13 May 2024 12:50:58
Allisson will be top draw for probably 2 more contracts yet.

13 May 2024 14:42:52
In the 49 games he played in across all competitions we won 27, drew 13 and lost 9. In the 29 league games he played he kept 13 clean sheets. Hardly a reign of terror is it? His most notable game was the final when it seemed he played with initially undiagnosed concussion. As usual you don’t like a player so you resort to easy sound bites and crass generalisations to make your opinion in some way sound legitimate. Karius wasn’t the best goalkeeper we’ve ever had but he wasn’t the worst.

As an aside do you know what the ‘Reign of Terror’ actually was? If you do how is state sanctioned violence appropriate to a football goal keeper? If you don’t then look it up.

13 May 2024 14:56:36
Loan Kelleher to a PL side of we can find one to take him IMO - he’s a great option in a year or two but wouldn’t dream of losing Allison right now. We need senior leadership in the coming transition under Arne Slot.

13 May 2024 16:25:05
Whenever it comes to our players, I always try to think would I buy this player if he was not already at LFC. I think that answer is a definite yes for Allisson and a maybe at best for Kelleher:

Don’t get me wrong - I am a big fan of Kelleher’s, but you can pick only one goalie and Alisson is the best out there.

13 May 2024 16:38:21
WDW, Karius was poor in every game he played in, he always looked like he’d concede a goal and made unforced errors every game putting pressure on to the defence. I can’t recall one game where he looked remotely like a competent keeper. He was far too busy worrying about his hairstyle and his LK1 brand. Maybe he’s not the absolute worst, but he’s only got Adam Bogdan, Charles Itandje and Daniele Padelli worse than him and to be fair to them they were only bought in as back up keepers. He was the worst first choice keeper we’ve had in a very very long time.

As for reign of terror, look up dramatic irony. Seems to be beyond you, WDW.

13 May 2024 18:06:07
Karius was a decent keeper who had the worst day ever.
The idea of selling Alisson is beyond daft. Like so far beyond daft as to be laughable.

Some fans just love buying and selling players. It’s a small part f the game for actual footy fans but the entirety of the sport for e-reds.

13 May 2024 23:21:10
Well said w0rdsmith.

14 May 2024 10:59:29
The death of people is your idea of a suitable subject for your interpretation of dramatic irony? Says quite a bit about your understanding of irony and your outlook on the value of human life.

{Ed025's Note - i think you may be taking things too literally WDW. im sure he did not mean nothing by it was just an off the cuff remark as i see it..

14 May 2024 22:10:41
I find the comment comparing an average goal keeper’s (lack of) ability to a period of mass killings and torture to be offensive. I find the subsequent attempt to pass it off as a humorous comment (dramatic irony) to be genuinely crass.

Apologies if I have overstepped the mark in anyway and this will be my last contribution on this thread.

15 May 2024 04:34:44
Tough life as a keeper - metaphorically you’re either a hero, a villain or a nobody in a game. You can’t really just have a decent game, it’s all or nothing.
Karius happened to have the worst game of his career in the most high profile game in club football.
Sad for him in that respect. He was a poor signing but that’s not his fault.

15 May 2024 07:24:12
Funny that one. gave me a good laugh ?.



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