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18 Jan 2024 22:00:53
I find it laughable it being said we can't afford Mbappe, it's literally Salahs and Thiago wage combined, we would be crazy not to entertain the idea, more than do-able and would win us the league and CL.

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18 Jan 2024 22:24:45
Would it though? We are a team built on talented players who have made their name with us. The times we’ve tried to buy ready made superstars it’s fallen flat on its face. Thiago and Keita being the main 2 examples.

Allison is arguably the only player we’ve signed who you could claim was already the best in his position although he’d achieved very little before signing for us.

For the money involved and the possible disruption to the squad I’d say no at this point. He’s got Real Madrid written all over him.

18 Jan 2024 22:28:34
OP, not sure you know the amount of money being talked about here. I don't know either but based on the amounts out there, it's going to take a lot more than Thiago's and Salah's wages combined and Im not even talking about the sign on fee which will be gi-normous as well. I mean, do you even realise the stature of the player we are talking about here? I don't think you do, respectfully.

18 Jan 2024 22:30:47
Keita was hardly Modric. He was definitely not a superstar.

18 Jan 2024 22:52:10
way too much money for a superstar who is not the best fit for the team.

18 Jan 2024 23:24:40
Mbappe reported wage demands: £1m a week. More according to some sources.

Salah and Thiago's combined wage: £550k a week.

Literally the same thing alright.

18 Jan 2024 23:27:59
Not in the Mbappe mould Mark but he was touted as the best midfielder in Germany and it was seen as a real coup when we signed Keita.

This season we signed a guy called Endo that most of us had never heard of and he’s been brilliant for us. That’s just how we roll.

19 Jan 2024 00:27:57
What about the crazy signing on fee which is about equal to salahs transfer fee probably. and all the circus he has around him.

19 Jan 2024 01:28:26
How exactly does signing him make us win the PL and CL? there's no guarantee he'd even play well in this league. For the money he'd want it'd be far too much of a risk, there's too many cons over the pros of signing that lad. Not a chance in the world would I want us to go for him.

If it's true and he wants a million a week, I wouldn't want him at 500k a week never mind a million! absolute daft money even today. I know the money side of things have got out of hand but that's rediculous and we're not that type of club to go paying somebody that. Nobody is worth that in my opinion, I don't care who it is.

Imagine the rest of the team? 'yeah nice one he's on about 6 times more then I am' it's not good for team morale or the club. Thankfully it won't be happening, guaranteed he'll either stay at PSG or go to RM. They can have him if they're daft enough to pay him.

19 Jan 2024 01:52:20
Still with the Mbappe nonsense? This isn't a clickbait facebook or twitter site.
Next time, start your post with : !

19 Jan 2024 06:37:10
Let’s face it Mbappe ain’t coming to Liverpool. He will most likely end up at Madrid as they will pay what it takes (within reason) to make the deal happen. But anyone saying they don’t want him, if it was remotely possible and the owners gave Klopp the go ahead and he wanted to join, are not serious. If a deal could be made you grab it worth both hands, irrespective of the costs involved. He is world class, plain and simple. Actually, I’m my opinion he is generational and should have left PSG years ago. Having said all that it’s a non starter so doesn’t matter anyways.

19 Jan 2024 09:39:35
Alonso you have to look at the bigger picture. Mbappe is a very good player but no player is worth what he would cost. Not just financially but in the harmony of the squad.

Look at the circus that surrounds him every single transfer window. He could just put it all to bed by saying what he’s doing but he whips it up to give himself leverage to get what he wants.

He would be an absolute disaster if we signed him. Good player but really not worth the aggro.

19 Jan 2024 09:47:41
Mbappe, salah and nunez would be some handful for defences though. I think the chances of signing him are probably 0.0000001% but it’s fun to think about! My personal preference is always someone lower profile and shape them to what we need and make them superstars!

19 Jan 2024 09:51:44
@SR, my sentiments exactly.

19 Jan 2024 09:56:22
Wouldn't it be great if all the clubs took a stand and offered him the same deal of £400k a week max with a reasonable signing on fee and said there you go, take your pick. Unfortunately, someone, somewhere is going to sign off on his ridiculous demands, artificially inflating the market all over again.

19 Jan 2024 12:09:28
Mbappe is a world class talent who can and likely would produce world class numbers in the premier league.

Eventually we are going to lose Salah who also produces world class numbers be it a transfer or Father Time and Mbappe would be a great player to fill those shoes.

But as it’s been pointed out above the financial package is astronomical and the choice between Madrid or Liverpool means it’s not going to happen.

Pipe dream but not going to happen.

19 Jan 2024 12:40:49
The only way they could work the wage issue is a massive signing on fee to offset the reduction in weekly wages to say £350-400k a week. Not saying it’s happening but he couldn’t come in on a 800k a week say. It would destroy the clubs wage structure.

Again not saying it’s happening but hypothetically couldn’t a club pay a higher signing on fee for a player which offsets the reduction of wages received in line with club wage structure?

I might be wrong but if he’s free to sign a pre contract, a club could offer a package in that structure. Which if we were ever considering it surely that is how we would offer any kind of deal. I think Mbappe knows he is not going to receive the type of wage he is getting now at any other club apart from Suadi, so he fully expects that in my opinion.

I highly highly doubt we will sign him, but I do think the club has interest in him. Maybe we have or are offering a package, and if he thinks it’s too low then so be it.

{Ed002's Note - Mbappe has an offer from Real Madrid. Liverpool has not made any offer.}



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