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28 Jan 2024 18:38:54
I’m personally annoyed at Lijnders because he was quite vocal about this being his idea and how great it was when what it did after the initial success was to make us defensively vulnerable, slow, predictable and too narrow in attack (and he was sounding a bit too much like BR) .

We have to remember though that early in the season, we rescued a lot of games when we actually ditched the system and went to normal 4-3-3 with fast paced, high intensity play.

How the system is now played is also different to what it was originally whereby
- the personnel, purpose, timing to invert (it used to be by default regardless if it contributed to the play I feel)
- the defensive covering when inverting (we are definitely more compact now than when the CBs were dragged out in a reactive manner and that presents other gaps in defence). Thereby yielding not just the results but the performances it is getting now.

My own observation is when TAA inverts, it’s an offensive move for better passing options or to arrive in and around the box to shoot. When Gomez does it, it appears to be more to provide security against counters and also aid in ball recovery. I stand corrected but those are my views.

So I do think we have changed the tactics, how much is it to Pep, how much to Klopp, I don’t know. I’m just glad it worked out. Who’s credit it really is, since I’m not an insider, I will never know and I’m happy to give credit where it’s due. And knowing Klopp, he’ll probably credit the team (his coaching staff) and I think that sits well with me.

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28 Jan 2024 19:25:08
Ah well, he’s gone soon anyway.
Someone else’s problem from the summer.

28 Jan 2024 19:32:05
they're a team with Klopp bearing the responsibility. We spend a lot of time bagging on Pep and perhaps he makes himself an easy target. For me, what we have seen under Klopp is collaboration in that coaching group. So whoever lays claim to creating whatever, the real truth is closer to them working together as a collective and making adjustments as a coaching group. What I'm seeing is that they are refining the system and we are playing well with it.

28 Jan 2024 19:43:51
Klopp was that annoyed with what Pep said during that press conference he’s allowed him to do loads of press conferences since.

There’s a major dislike for Pep on here but Klopp clearly likes and rates him so I’ll take Klopps opinion on it.

28 Jan 2024 19:51:41
Think this post came out a week after I submitted! Obviously with whatever that has been announced, this seems very irrelevant now.

28 Jan 2024 19:58:58
Sorry mate I really don’t see why you would be annoyed at Lijnders at all.

He’s been vocal in advocating a system that ultimately it’s Klopp’s call to use or not. The system has flaws (show me one that doesn’t) which were always going to be ironed out the more we played the system.

28 Jan 2024 19:15:25
@Sgynwa. We introduced a system that took time for the players to learn and subsequently the tweaks to the system. The coaching team introduced it, the coaching team adapted it to be better. The system is evolving, moving forward, who knows it might not still be the finished article.

I don’t see why random criticism of members of staff is required based on the evidence that the introduced system is working and getting better and I really have no idea why you should feel personally insulted unless you contacted the club and insisted that the club introduce the system? I suppose you could always contact Liverpool FC or Lijnders via the club and ask him for an apology?

29 Jan 2024 00:07:34
My only gripe with Lijnders is that he made it all about himself and, after Rodgers, that left a very poor taste in my mouth. He made it very clear that he was the one who begged Klopp to adopt the inverted FB system and only came out claiming the credit when we were on an upturn in form, totally ignoring the times when it didn't work in the past.

Still, it's all moot now since he will be leaving but I am relieved that he would most likely not be succeeding Klopp.

29 Jan 2024 00:28:13
Hey everyone
Understandably some of you disagree or may even be upset by my post

Thought to clarify
1) this post was in response to another thread albeit it came out late and the timing of it isn’t the best after Klopp’s announcement and our resounding FA cup win

2) on my opinion on PL, it’s the BR vibes he’s giving me, making too much about himself under a manager and a team and a club that emphasises on being a team.

He is certainly a valued member of staff by Klopp and I’m sure he’s doing many things right and most I’ll be ignorant about. So I’m glad my opinion has no bearing on how the club functions or the team works as these are but my impressions, clouded by my personal bias, that I post on here and will (fortunately), have no effect on things going on at the club.

3) I actually don’t feel personally insulted. Not sure it’s the way I phrased things or how it was interpreted. PL has done more for Liverpool than I ever will, so not sure what apology he owes me? I’m simply a fan who stated my thoughts on some things and could be very wrong if I gained more insights about it.

It’s Monday and we are through to next round of the FA cup with all 4 trophies on the line. I’ll cease to post for awhile and focus on enjoying the ride we have till the end of the season with one of the greatest managers we ever had. Cheers everyone.

29 Jan 2024 00:50:39
No need to stop posting mate. It’s a forum people are supposed to disagree with you sometimes. People disagree with me most of the time!

Keep it coming sgynwa I always enjoy reading your opinions.

Me personally I’ve never understood the problem people have with the inverted fullback system or with Lijnders. It’s worked since we started using it and it’s only been getting better and better as it’s evolved. It seems more suited to the players we have and more fluid than the high fullbacks system we used to employ.

29 Jan 2024 01:07:43
Ah don't stop posting mate, I always enjoy reading your posts. Keep them coming.

29 Jan 2024 02:31:38
There’s a saying, ‘Quit while you’re ahead’, I don’t think it’s time for you to quit.

29 Jan 2024 08:24:16
Sgynwa don’t stop posting mate you’re a quality poster on here.

29 Jan 2024 09:00:03
@Sgynwa, don't let people get you down, man. Keep doing your thing and never stop posting on here.

29 Jan 2024 13:02:17
Fair post Sgynwa. My thoughts:

When first introduced last season it seemed to work as we ended up on a good winning run where it was utilised throughout and Trent certainly looked good in midfield.

This season has been different, we seemed to get caught out a lot with it earlier in the season and looked better when we reverted to the 4-3-3. Was this just that we had used it a while so the surprise factor was no longer there and teams worked out how to best combat it though?

As the season went on though it appears that the players flit between the inverted fb and the 4-3-3 system - Is it now more a case of the players identifying when it will be beneficial and when a flat back 4 is better?

I'll be honest lads, there are times the inverted fb seems to work well enough others not so much - the fluidity of using it/ not using it seems better but these are just my thoughts.

29 Jan 2024 12:58:05
If Trent moves into midfield, would it be as CM or DM? Whose place would be under threat? I could see us moving for Sugawara to back up Bradley if he does make the position change.

{Ed025's Note - CM i would think RB, because to be a DM you have to be able to defend mate..

29 Jan 2024 19:31:24
@Sgynwa, I disagreed with your original post on this thread. By and large I agree with a lot of what you say. We all have opinions and sometimes it’s only natural that opinions differ. Please don’t be put off from expressing your opinions, the forum would be the poorer if you don’t contribute.

As I’ve said a few times over the years, we all want the best for Liverpool FC, sometimes we have different views as to how to get the best for the club.



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