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02 Feb 2024 14:19:06
Are we getting a match review for the Arsenal game, Ed001? Miss not reading your views. Also any idea when the pod will be back? Cheers mate.

{Ed001's Note - might do for the Arsenal game, hopefully. I am not sure when the pod will be back sorry.}

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02 Feb 2024 15:02:06
And the cu next Thursday podcasts!

02 Feb 2024 16:23:48
I'll do the Chelsea game review now:

Que music!

Everything is awesome,
Everything is cool when you re part of a team,
Everything is awesome,
When you re living out a dream

Review End.

{Ed025's Note - here,s my view Davey

I did not see it like you Davey
but im a cynical chap
yes Liverpool were decent mate
but that Chelsea are bleedin crap

Review end.. :)

02 Feb 2024 17:11:10
I think Daveys is better ?.

02 Feb 2024 16:45:59
What tune does your review bop to Ed? ?.

{Ed025's Note - "an ode to Jurgen" mate.. :)

02 Feb 2024 18:42:51
Use are good craic ?.

02 Feb 2024 18:44:48
We made them look worse than they are ed25. Little help from the manc ref. Think he had it in for them cos they held his city to 3-3.

{Ed025's Note - they are a very poor side John, proof...even we beat them mate..

02 Feb 2024 19:19:01
ED25, I think you should stick to being bitter. This whole "Happy as a cam" stuff does NOT suit you at all. Just calling it as I see it. Wouldn't you agree, Ed25?

{Ed025's Note - im not bitter Oli..just better mate.. :)

02 Feb 2024 19:20:47
ED25 the reds didn’t give Chelsea a chance to be any good. They’d just won three on the spin so has momentum but we simply smothered them all over the pitch. If Nunez was a better finisher it easily could have been 7 or 8.

{Ed025's Note - it well could have been 1jj, but i say it like i see it mate and they are piss poor im afraid, yes Liverpool played well but they had the freedom of the park because Chelsea put up no resistance at all..

02 Feb 2024 20:00:17
We were excellent but Chelsea are woeful. The fact they had a defender with bad in his name and another whose name sounds like disaster, what do you expect.


{Ed025's Note - im with you Greggers..

02 Feb 2024 20:35:43
What do you expect when there’s such a massive gulf in spending power! Not fair really.

02 Feb 2024 20:50:41
Ed025. What do you think of Chelsea’s “quarter of a billion pound” midfield mate? ?.

{Ed025's Note - i think their recruitment has been awful LFC8, just like United they have brought in a load of individuals who dont seem to grasp the team ethic, they have also over payed for them but they are bound by long lucrative contracts so it wont be easy to get rid if it doesn,t work mate..

02 Feb 2024 21:31:39
Touche, Ed25.

03 Feb 2024 09:07:28
It’s not uncommon when one team plays excellent that the other team is woeful, that’s the nature of the game. If both teams played well then it might have been 4-3. or something like that.

03 Feb 2024 13:51:09
Enjoy time with family mate.

{Ed001's Note - thanks Doc.}

03 Feb 2024 15:57:53
Ed025 I thought we where class. Chelsea are a mess and with all these long stupid contracts and the price they have paid for must of them players I think in the long term FFP will come back to bite Chelsea very badly. They are ruining out of homegrown players to sell to cover all that money spent and come the summer when they need to balance the books again teams will just wait still the last minute to drive down prices. Out of all the players signed only Palmer value would have gone up the rest look like they would have fallen of a cliff so to get rid of most of them it’s going to be at massive losses.

{Ed025's Note - i think your right Grino, the reds played well without being at their absolute best for me mate, but to be honest Chelsea offered very little and to me look a very poor side..

03 Feb 2024 16:30:23
Happy for Moises Caicedo, hope he’s enjoying himself ?.

03 Feb 2024 18:16:41
Ron, Caicedo is living his dream since he was a kid supporting Chelsea as a 4 year old watching Makalele do his thing (or was it Arsenal his dream club with Vieira as his idol? I can't keep up) . Long may it continue.

03 Feb 2024 22:26:58
Ed25.I posted my poem for you sir
But it wasn't posted.

You would've liked it ??.

{Ed025's Note - it was obviously dodgy then JCL.. :)

04 Feb 2024 08:09:59
Probably Ed. but that's why it would have been perfect for you to frame and hang on your wall. even in your toilet ?????.

{Ed025's Note - theres no room on my walls JCL, its full of pictures of Emilia Fox, Jo Blythe and Carol Kirkwood mate.. :)



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