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12 Feb 2024 14:00:34
Which trent Alexander is the best? The marauder in the early days of his career assists galore attacking the width of the pitch? or the controller converting from RB dictating the centre of the pitch and controlling tempo picking passes?

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12 Feb 2024 14:05:21
Imo the lad is more all rounder now so yeah, the evolved Trent is better.

12 Feb 2024 15:01:41
Different teams and eras mate.

Despite Bobby creating all that extra space Hendo used to take all of it up in the middle of the park with his pointing, so there would be no room to invert.

12 Feb 2024 16:18:55
The thing is can trent even do that role if it was asked of him? because we played better when he was an out and out right back in my humble opinion. It will be very interesting to see what a new manager does with him.

12 Feb 2024 16:45:41
Well. Alonso likes 343 so I can imagine trent being right side of that 4 in a very advanced wb role with little defensive duties which should play to his strengths. That's if Alonso decides to come to us ofcourse.

12 Feb 2024 18:07:51
this is a really unfair question and assertion you're making because he hasn't played in a role primarily to "dictate the center of the pitch".

12 Feb 2024 18:13:13
TAA's effectiveness as a marauding right back was a function and dependent on not only his skills, but the team tactics and skills of the others around him, at the time. And now that Hendo, Fabinho, Wijnaldum, Firmino and Mane have been replaced, it's a different set of players with different skills. I'm sure the coaching staff have devised the new tactics in view of the personnel they have available. I doubt very much that a coach simply stands up and says " hey, let's copy and do what ManCity are doing". Nobody hears the words "heavy metal football" and "gegenpressing" anymore, and there's a reason for it.

While TAA's new position as a "false midfielder" requires new skills and awareness for him to develop, my sense is that his defensive side is less exposed here. It does depend, however, on Konate, Gomez and Quansah to know how to close down the open space he leaves behind. And I feel that he can be just as effective offensively from here, as before. He has far more of the field to pick and choose targets for his pinpoint passes and crosses. So I choose the new version.

12 Feb 2024 20:02:44
I do agree with some that the role that Trent plays now, , he needs Konate to cover him, so more pressure on Konate . I really feel that Conor Bradley suits our team, much better with Trent pushed more into a midfield role.

12 Feb 2024 20:04:44
I don’t think it’s a fair comparison as he played the attacking fullback role for what 4 or 5 seasons? It’s hard to remember as it seems like he’s been there for ages.

He’s played the inverted role for less than a year with a healthy chunk of injury in between. Of course he was more accomplished at his old role because he played it for longer with the same players around him.

The new role started in April last year and he’s started the new season in August with a brand new midfield to try to blend with.

He’s getting better at it, as are the rest of the players around him and I think he could end up being much more effective in the new role given the makeup of the current team.

To be honest he’s just a really good player that will affect games wherever he plays and what Klopp has done is find ways to get him on the ball in space in both formations.

12 Feb 2024 21:22:17
I would say the better version of him was the one where we won the biggest trophies, so the maurading RFB. My stance on him being a midfielder in Hendo's position hasn't changed but if Alonso comes with the 343 then the RWB would suit.

12 Feb 2024 21:40:22
We were a better team then. We were the best on the planet easily. Trent was better.

12 Feb 2024 23:38:23
ArAy1969, well-broken down indeed. Bravo, sir. The team has evolved and is finding new ways of playing and getting the best out of the veteran players like Trent who thrived in the Klopp 1.0 system. Klopp himself does not talk about the first team he built anymore cos he has left all that in the past, according to him.

We have a new team with new players with diff. qualities and even tho it is still early on the Klopp 2.0 tip, a lot of progress has been done overall since the start of the season till now and players who struggled at the start (growing pains are part of life in a new environment) are now playing a lot better like Darwin, Macca, Endo, Diaz and of course, Trent. He is a brilliant player and his footie IQ is thru the roof. A complete unicorn, IMO.

13 Feb 2024 11:29:16
the version that we will see when both TAA and Conor Bradley are consistently in the same 11. one can hope :) .



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