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18 Mar 2024 09:48:06
Bad day at the office yesterday, it happens and you just have to take it on the chin. One thing I will say though is some of the players looked lethargic yesterday, which begs the question, why did klopp go full strength on Thursday when we were already 5-1 up?

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18 Mar 2024 10:11:45
Thursday was a cake walk, the players barely broke a sweat.
We allowed United to get back in that game by not shutting up shop and not taking advantage when we were on top. Poor game management.

18 Mar 2024 10:53:44
Liverpool were lack lustre from the start, no urgency at all. I thought they were complacent but saying that they also looked tired, obviously the Thursday game played a part of it . Thing what bothers me though is that is the worst United team we've seen in a decade and we should always be up for these games, the game was there for the taking. but let's dust ourselves down n more forward.

18 Mar 2024 11:00:07
I think we have to give Utd some credit too Mikey. We should’ve finished them off in the second half the game almost became too easy but they took some risks and got a lot of players forward.

They got a couple of lucky bounces of the ball and it was a good finish from Antony.

They then took advantage of 2 tired mistakes in extra time.

It’s a game where we’ll be kicking ourselves as it was there for the winning but fair play to Utd they kept going, threw players forward and got their reward.

On to the next one.

18 Mar 2024 11:09:22
No intensity killed us, we had poor game management by the team as well, no urgency to get the third until ET, we should of walked that game if we turned up the press.

18 Mar 2024 11:36:58
We win some we lose some. I’m over the defeat and said we have to bounce back against Brighton.

As for you Beckers and that high horse of yours. I have been on this site for probably 15 years. Who knows maybe longer so the holy than thou act don’t really wash with me nor impress me. In your reply below you say me and Mango. But then go onto specifically address Mango about turning up when defeats occur. Maybe don’t lump people in the same box? I’m here win lose or draw. Stick to one argument when directly countered. So address this statement first. Actually, don’t as I can’t be bothered going back and forth with you to be honest.

As for last season, Klopp’s sub choices were poor. What do you want me to say, jump onboard with your line of thinking? As fans we are entitled to have a difference of opinions. Btw im here every week. Mainly in the live chat, which I assume is below you and I have maintained both here and the live chat - that Klopp is a great manager. Given me the best times as a Liverpool fan. But his one weakness is sub choices (for me) . And in a number of games it’s cost us. Is that being a terrible fan or less than a fan than you, your Lordship. The players have done well but I won’t be a fan that just says yeah everything was okay and hey things happen. If you want that then you have to look elsewhere because you won’t be getting it from me.

The funny thing is if an Ed said Klopp is a great manager. I want him to have the a great send off. But for me, his sub choices have killed our momentum in a number of games. I can almost guarantee you wouldn’t have this energy. Anyways, I’m done responding to you, your Lordship Mr Beckers. I’ll continue to support the club, win and yes lose or draw. Starting with Brighton. And if I see something I feel I don’t like. I will continue to have my own opinion and will voice it. Cheers ?.

18 Mar 2024 11:41:31
Typical FA cup game should’ve won but faded badly in last ten minutes and the underdogs came through that’s all that happened. Rather we take three points of em in premier league later this season
Up the pool.

18 Mar 2024 12:14:07
We can turn it into a positive by not making those mistakes again. Wrong Subs, not taking chances, full strength in Europe 3 days before….

18 Mar 2024 13:02:05
Poor game management and poor substitutions by Klopp, im afraid. Its got to be called out. He deserves all the praise and admiration when he gets things right but it was a shocker to play a full strength side against Sparta. Especially as we scored 4 goals in the first 15 min.
Id take this result in exchange for tonking Utd in the league any day but can't help wondering if the passion might be notched up a level once TAA and Curtis are back?

18 Mar 2024 12:50:45
Spot on LiverpoolFC8. Those 3 points are exactly what I have being saying that played a part in the result. But the game is gone and we must move on. We still have the league and Europa Cup to win.

If Arsenal draw or lose against City and we win our remaining 10 games and the league is ours. We have all witnessed City pulling 15 game winning streaks over 7 years now. So we have to treat every match like a cup final from here on out, starting with Brighton. Nothing would be better than seeing Klopp off with the league and Europa to add to the Carabao Cup. Followed by FSG announcing Alonso as the man to take over the reigns.

18 Mar 2024 13:53:24
Alonso, you have been around for plenty of wins this season, (as has Mango), so I don't think you've been saving up a little hit piece for weeks, you have to admit it's pretty bloody hard to maintain that Klopp's sub choices have killed our momentum in games this season. You've suggested it's a general, worsening issue. I've only seen it yesterday, and the PL game away to Arsenal.

We've outscored literally every other top-flight team in the country in second halves and I think in the last 20 minutes too. That surely suggests that Klopp's subs have generally been on point, doesn't it? Which is what I've seen with my own eyes too.

I find people here generally can get very precious about the sanctity of their opinions when someone disagrees. Opinions have to have a basis in reality, or else they're open to challenge.

18 Mar 2024 14:41:30
Says he's over it then continues to rant like a 5 year old child who didn't have things his own way.
Learn to let it go, you can't change it no matter how much you vent on here.

18 Mar 2024 14:41:57
@Something Red. Thank you backing up that I don’t just turn up when we lose. And I actually respect all opinions. This is what makes the forum what it has grown into. We are allowed to disagree without being disagreeable. Thing is I weren’t being challenged. In fact I got called embarrassing and accused of being a poster that only turns up when we lose and enjoying when we lose (I mean seriously) so I can run some sinister agenda. Which is an absolutely misguided, a strange observation, absurd and not to mention straight up incorrect!

I don’t mind others not agreeing with me, because we can’t all think the same. For example not everyone will agree on what players they like in the squad. That goes for any fanbase. Some fans will say they really like player X and they bring a lot to the team. And others will say player X brings nothing to the table and hinders their play. It’s all opinions at the end of the day and I’m not the all seeing and knowing and can also be wrong in my opinions.

In what I have seen over a few years as I have watched every single one of our games win, lose of draw mind. And I have been left baffled at Klopp’s sub choices quite a few times. On a side note, it was good to get an outside perspective from someone who doesn’t support Liverpool. And when I brought up the fact that Klopp’s subs killed our momentum the City game, Ed25 jumped in and said he also noticed that after watching the game. City were there for the taking but our subs left us playing for a draw towards the end of the game. Again, the team have been superb and so has Klopp. But he ain’t perfect and for me subs are his one weakness if you zoom out of just this season and take last season into account or can even go back further. That’s all I’m saying.

Just want to reiterate that Klopp weren’t solely to blame for the result against City. End product played a major part and Klopp weren’t solely responsible for the result against United, because if our end product was better we would have comfortably won that game. But playing a full strength team 3 days before in essentially a dead rubber game falls on him. And sub choices for me in the United game killed our momentum and that falls on him.

Anyways appreciate the open and respectful discussion even if we don’t agree on some things. Which is how things should be….

18 Mar 2024 14:55:47
Looks like I touched a nerve Alonso. It’s fine, you’re entitled to your opinion but it’s hard to accept when literally all of the evidence points to the opposite. You’re typical of someone with confirmation bias. You have criticised the sub choices so often that you were desperate for a game where the subs didn’t work so you could say ‘I told you so’. That just doesn’t wash with me.

This whole holier than thou and superfan nonsense is just a red herring. You’re trying to criticise me because in your eyes I’m trying to say I’m above you when that is simply not the case. I just understand that in football, as in any sport things don’t always go your way.

As fans our job is to support the team on the pitch. I understand the frustrations I really do as nobody likes to lose a game especially away at one of your biggest rivals but if you can’t hack it and have to make up bogus reasons as to why it happened then you’re better off not bothering. The team is better off without you.

How can you possibly ask these players and this manager to give you everything when at the first sign of trouble you want to say how rubbish they are and how you could’ve done better?

If you’re a Liverpool fan then own it, win lose or draw. I think the main problem with people nowadays is they can’t handle the gloating of rival fans on social media and so they lash out when things don’t work out exactly as they wanted. They are way too quick to criticise their own team as it allows them to save face, as if to say ‘well it’s not my fault, Klopp’s subs are rubbish’.

Just own it mate, take it on the chin and accept that supporting a football team doesn’t mean winning every week and winning every trophy. We have one trophy in the bag, are joint top of the league and are in the quarter final of the Europa League. I think that’s pretty good for a manager who is limited and makes poor substitutions every week.

18 Mar 2024 15:42:05
Beckers. It appears we misunderstand each other which is fine. Same way the holy then thou is a red herring, the sub choices so often that you were desperate for a game where the subs didn’t work so you could say ‘I told you so’ is a red herring and don’t wash with me. Im here cheering the team come rain or shine, win or lose and will say you know what, no excuse we got beaten by the better side on the day. Any of the long standing posters who are in the live chat every week can attest to that. And as you’re not in the live chat every week I can see why you have that perception of me, which again is fine.

As for you can’t win every game, being here win, lose or draw I’ll let you settle down as you seem amped up as if you have been storing this up for a while. Then you can read back over everything I have said. You will actually find we are aligned on that. But if you want to point score and be the one that has “won” the argument. Then fine, so be it.

Anyways, I’ll keep it respectful going forward and will leave the holy than thou stuff out and you keep it respectful your end. Plus we both support the same team and even if in your mind you think I want my own team that I have supported since early childhood memory to lose (which I unsure if I find funny or absurd) . So going against each other in not really an open and respectful way serves no purpose. So let’s end by agreeing to disagree and leave the forum to other discussions.

18 Mar 2024 16:53:18
Nice one, lads. For me, the subs have been great from the off this season so for the one time it does not go well (esp. with the injuries and fatigue we are dealing with right now), not sure it's that big of an effect. As I have said before and I was peeved we lost BUT at the end of the day, the fatigue told at the end on these players minds and bodies after the past weeks playing every 3 days and essentially winning all our games including a Cup at Wembley. Can't cheat nature, Im afraid. It's undefeated for a reason.

That being said, we play Utd again in the PL and that is the game I would have lost my crap had we lost it this way with all the collective and individual mistakes. so not arsed cos well, again, Klopp did not promise me a Quad so ain't arsed about what I was not promised.

Onto Brighton and trust me, that is the BIGGER than this game Utd won even tho, I never want to lose to that wretched lot who are STILL useless regardless of these "big" result.

18 Mar 2024 18:17:11
Took us time to adjust to United's man marking first half. They were first to every second ball and wouldn't let us settle. Once we did we should have seen the game out. But credit to United they battled on and won the day. Hopefully the boys learned some things yesterday and will put it right in 3 weeks time. I'll take the league win over a cup win.

18 Mar 2024 21:17:26
It’s fine Alonso, maybe I misread the tone of your post which is always possible with the written word without body language for context.

You posted something above about Gakpo that I whole heartedly agree with so we are not completely on a different page.

I just get frustrated when people don’t realise how good they have it being a Liverpool fan. We are the best club in the world in my opinion and what makes us that is the undying loyalty of our fan base. We are a family and we should always support each other come rain or shine not throw our toys out of the pram when a result doesn’t go the way we wanted.

No problem though mate, I’ve got no problem with you personally and I’m sure we’ll agree on more than we disagree on.

18 Mar 2024 22:18:45
@Beckers. It’s all good mate. No hard feelings on my side. And you’re right, we do have it good. I just hope we give Klopp the send off he deserves. Here’s to us hopefully winning the treble ?.

19 Mar 2024 00:47:51
Lack of execution.
When you have so much possession in the opponents final third you have to make it count.

Liverpool were too comfortable in the second half, coasting along.

You can do that when you’re 3-0 up, not 2-1 away from home.

We need better options up front. Sorry Darwin, love your energy but you’re too wasteful. Should be replaced in summer by a new manager with fresh eyes.

19 Mar 2024 03:45:08
Sorry Ron, I have to disagree with your last statement there. Nunez brings so much more to the team than just goals. He unsettles the opposition defense, which helps our other attackers find the time and space they need. If we want someone who just scores goals, we can go for someone like Haaland. Bangs them in for fun but completely ineffective when he does not get the service he needs.

I believe that getting rid of Nunez would be a major mistake, especially since I just can't see anyone out there who would be an improvement on Nunez.

19 Mar 2024 08:15:13
Nunez has the ability to be the best striker in the world and is improving all the time.

Selling him now would be absolutely crazy. When Salah goes there’s your 20-30 goal a season man, I’d much rather him be doing that for us than for someone else.

{Ed025's Note - wow that is some statement BP, bulls arses and banjo,s come to mind when i think of him mate.. :)

19 Mar 2024 09:09:50
He already has 17 goals and 14 assists this season across all competitions Ed, and he must have hit the frame of the goal half as many times. So Beckers' prediction of him being a 20-30 goal striker isn't that far off ;)

{Ed025's Note - i happen to rate him Drac, but "has the ability to be the best striker in the world"....come on!!, talk about over egging mate..

19 Mar 2024 12:14:10
Ron Keague, oh miss me with the Nunez slander cos it is getting tedious to read now. Seems when we don't win, he is the or one of the scapegoats whereas we all know he is key to the way we attack. Did I also mention that it was his assist that led to the equalizer and it was his shot that got Parried onto Salah for him to score and give us the lead? Absolute tosh, man.

And what chances did he get today that he was wasteful? Seriously, were you watching the game with your eyes wide shut or did you just see the highlight?

Oh and a guy with 17 goals and 13 assists in all comps. is "all energy" and "wasteful". Man, go take a nap cos you sound like a MOTD pundit parroting the same schtick of "Darwin was wasteful" whereas he never was based on the actual game. Pfffftt!

19 Mar 2024 10:54:23
Watching Suarez in his first 2 years you’d say the same Ed. You’re say the same about Kane in his many loans and early in his Spurs career. Soldado was ahead of him for a season and a half.

Nunez is only in his 4th season of top level football, his rise has been meteoric so it’s inevitable he would need time to adjust.

He’s shown me enough for me to be extremely confident we have a proper player on our hands. I thought it when he was at Benfica and nothing I’ve seen of him at Liverpool changes my mind.

{Ed025's Note - i think hes a very good player BP and frightens the life out of defenders mate, but "has the ability to be the best in the world"....high accolade that for someone who misses so many chances imo..

19 Mar 2024 14:52:11
We’ll see Ed. I seem to remember you saying something similar about DCL only a few years ago.

I do think Nunez is the real deal though.

{Ed025's Note - time will tell as you say BP. But at the moment he is probably the 3rd best forward at Liverpool mate never mind the world..

20 Mar 2024 22:06:44
OliRed - just collecting receipts ?.



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