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21 Jan 2024 12:06:11
Salahs agent has made clear to Liverpool that Salah wants to stay next season and will accept a new contract, he doesn't want a move away.

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21 Jan 2024 14:09:05
Such a shame. Thought we could bag 150mil pound and upgrade our backline, DM, younger salah replacement.

21 Jan 2024 14:26:30
The objective for next season is to have that, regardless of salah staying or going. Salah is the key to Klopps Liverpool team, he's not as expendable as some people think.

21 Jan 2024 14:48:12
I question the seriousness of the £150m offer, Lee. These clubs apparently have de facto limitless funds, but they didn't make an offer until the final few days of the transfer window.

Why didn't they bid three weeks previously? With time to use the money we might have accepted. Seems like a publicity stunt to me.

Either way, I'm happier to retain Salah.

21 Jan 2024 16:25:21
Not sure Salah would want to go to the Saudi retirement home. Lots of 'noise' out of there recently about how rubbish it is for the players. I get the money is vast but surely elite players want to play in front of actual crowds and the chance to win something that actually has kudos.

21 Jan 2024 22:13:51
There is absolutely no way Mo Salah goes to Saudi in Summer. ? he’s simply too good
I’ll be amazed. He’s still one of the best players in the world. Most goals in the prem, most assists in the prem.
Saudi summer? Never going to happen.

22 Jan 2024 01:58:41
Such a shame. People still think salah is replaceable. Maybe he hasn't scored 200+ goals for us.

22 Jan 2024 07:49:04
Livebird031, Everyone is replaceable. Salah included. He's just a football player.

22 Jan 2024 08:41:59
Not just any footballer though is he Brisbane . He's going to be very difficult to replace .

22 Jan 2024 08:55:52
£150m in the bank? Won’t win trophies

£150m invested in other players? Might win trophies but may take time to settle in.

Mo Salah on the wing? Will win trophies.

If Mo wanted to go, fair play to him, thanks for the moments and the trophies, good luck and get the most for him.

If Mo Salah wants to stay? Fantastic. We have a better chance of winning trophies with Mo in the team.

22 Jan 2024 10:36:31
While he's doing the job we may as well keep him. Having additional money does not always mean it will be used well. For example let's look at Chelsea.

Our transfers in under Klopp have been good but even we have made some mistakes in the past (Keita)

22 Jan 2024 10:48:02
Upgrade the back line? You must be watching different games from me.

22 Jan 2024 11:42:37
I’d take anything over 60 million for Salah this summer. Legs are going and he is no longer able to beat a pacy defender. Scored a great goal vs arsenal but that’s more due to how inadequate Zinchenko is.

We don’t have the money to let Salah leave for free/ retire with us. Need to get the money to reinvest in the squad.

22 Jan 2024 12:53:36
Salah looks to be good for another 2/ 3 years in EPL.

He is a great player for LFC and will hopefully help us to pick up more trophies.

Another contract extension would be excellent news.

22 Jan 2024 13:27:04
A younger replacement. He’s scoring and assisting more goals than anyone in the league who cares what age he is.

22 Jan 2024 13:59:46
It doesn't work like you sign someone and he'll replace Mo. He is not our ex midfield. he's one of the best the premier league has ever had. That kind of player will be replaced with another 150m player with 30-40m salary. We ain't paying that. Besides like it was mentioned above Mo wins you trophies. Remember suarez? He was a flat track bully. norwich a hatrick every single time. Mo? he's going to be a good bet to score in any game. he's been consistent for us ever since he signed for us. I would rather have Mo until he plays at his best rather than let him leave for whatever money that's not going to give me a single piece of anything. Mo is a Liverpool legend. People used to call Wijnaldum a legend. Lmao. Hopefully Mo stays with us untill his best days are over.

22 Jan 2024 14:00:24
Is this guy taking 3 60m installments? Or has he started to smoke whatever they smoked at Emirates ?.

22 Jan 2024 20:17:51
I think people are missing the point when it comes to the Saudi league. Yes it looks rubbish right now with only a couple of thousand attending some games. That just makes them more dangerous.

They need headline acts that will put bums on seats and who is more headline in the Middle East than Salah? It really makes no difference how many years he has left at Premier League level, everyone has a price. Salah does and we do.

As the Saudi’s get more desperate they just throw more and more money at it. Look what’s happening in golf right now for example. For those that don’t follow it John Rahm was quoted less than a year ago saying that he would never join the Saudi league because he doesn’t play for money he plays for legacy. Fast forward 10 months and a £450m offer later and he’s signing on the dotted line and doing the Saudi lean.

I could quite conceivably see them offering us upwards of £200m for Salah as their league is faltering and needs someone like him to save it. The question is, if that money is offered could we afford to turn it down? Would he turn down a signing on bonus that runs into the hundreds of millions?

Don’t underestimate how far they would be willing to go, especially when their backs are against the wall.

23 Jan 2024 01:21:53
@Beckers, The Saudi league isn't faltering. Their teams have regularly competed and won in the ACL, the Asian equivalent of the Champions League. And this was even before the boom in money that we are currently seeing now. If the so-called superstars start to leave the league, as we are seeing now, it would not mean the end of the league. It would just mean a return to how it was before, which would still be quite competitive and successful.

23 Jan 2024 01:31:30
Sometimes I genuinely don’t understand what people are watching.

We need to sell the world’s best winger - find a younger player with a similar output because the best defense in the league needs better players.

Did I sum that up right?

At some point maturity will hit them and they’ll look back at what we had with Mo and feel a tad stupid.

23 Jan 2024 12:09:09
Some people will never get there W0W.
Transfer windows just have that effect on some.

23 Jan 2024 12:45:59
Keep him, let him retire with us - guy is scoring 20+ every single season from the right wing, why on earth would we even consider selling him?

Honestly, the shape he is in he could play for years yet, let him and let him retire an absolute legend with us - hopefully with an extra couple of league winners medals etc lol.

23 Jan 2024 12:46:06
I can see what people are saying as we have seen some players stay too long and leave for nominal fees or for free even. I think there will be a bid in the summer from the Saudi league definitely but for how much who knows. And by how much I mean transfer fee and contract offer.

If we won the title would he think of leaving on a high? It’s far too early to say either way.

24 Jan 2024 00:04:56
Dracred the Saudi league as it was before is not what they are going for. They want the Saudi league to be one of the biggest leagues in the world, there’s even been talk of teams from their league entering the champions league.

At this moment in time there is just simply not enough interest in the league for that to happen. When they can’t even fill stadiums to a quarter of their capacity their plans are dead in the water.

It was exactly the same in golf but they’ve just thrown ridiculous amounts of money at it until they have now caused a seismic shift in the game and PGA Tour has had to sit up and listen or see their brand get swallowed up.

Nobody else has the financial clout to compete with these guys so if they really want it done they will keep spending until they get what they want. The one thing that makes football difficult for them is that the players have to physically move there to be able to play there. In other sports where the competitions are international tours that is not so much of a problem.

End of the day if they really want Salah they will get Salah. If I was FSG I would definitely see how far they would be willing to go because this could be another Coutinho situation where we get enough to set us up for years of success.

24 Jan 2024 08:43:11
They won't get Salah if he doesn't want to go there.
We've been hearing every single season since Salah signed for us how he's definitely off to Real, Barcelona or PSG during the summer transfer window. He was supposedly definitely off to Saudi last summer, yet he's still here.
Judging by interviews with players and staff the guy is ultra motivated and wants to remain at the highest level he can for as long as he can and break records, money is not the key motivation for him.
Salah is no fool, he'll be well aware of what playing in Oil City is really like compared to the rosy picture that gets painted simply because of the ££££££££ involved. Don't be surprised if he's here a few more seasons yet, although that won't stop the ITKs telling you he's definitely leaving every summer.



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