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17 Nov 2023 12:45:03
Wow - everton hit with a 10 point deduction. Amazing how quick this can happen for other clubs and yet the stuff with City just drags on year after year after year - better legal team perhaps?

Perhaps City's refusal to co-operate in any way with the investigation too? Strange this refusal too given all their proclamations of innocence etc.

In fairness Ed25, whilst 10 points is a huge deduction most seasons, this would be the season to take it - even with this deduction I think yous will be safe, the likes of Luton, Burnley and Sheff Utd not picking up many points this season - whilst it will be very difficult, it seems more doable this season than others.

{Ed025's Note - its a kick in the teeth Bill but as you say this season is probably the best time for it to happen, i tell you what though mate if we got 10 points for our one offence i cant wait to see City,s deduction for their 115 offences..

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17 Nov 2023 13:34:38
1150 point deduction?

{Ed025's Note - should be SR..

17 Nov 2023 13:44:57
Wow that's intense.

City has 115 offenses? They'll all be 'minor infringements' and will get a fine, which they will only have to pay 5% of before it gets void by the CAS a year or two later.

{Ed025's Note - i have no problem with Everton getting punished hsf, as long as the other guilty clubs get sanctioned pro-rata mate..

17 Nov 2023 13:46:43
Would not be surprised if city got off Scot free maybe a fine. Is it corrupt? Just adding fuel to the fire .

17 Nov 2023 13:47:51
If it’s any comfort Ed, Luton and Sheffield United are far worse, so I think you’ll escape relegation. Unfortunately Ed, City will get away with it as they can afford very very expensive barristers and are quite prepared to drag it out through legal means to frustrate the process. They’ve punished you because it’s easy. Nothing will happen to City because it’s too hard and too complicated.

{Ed025's Note - yeah i think we still have a good chance of survival VV, but as you say i will be waiting to see how the other clubs in breach get punished mate..

17 Nov 2023 14:14:08
Ed25, don't sweat it, bro. You will stay up with the dross we have running the PL streets these days namely Burnley, Lutton, B'mouth and so on. Just keep doing what you are doing on the pitch.

If I was Everton and and Dyche, I would just accept the charge and focus more on handling stuff on the pitch where you have actual control esp. with the season this early. Just my take, man.

{Ed025's Note - it is what it is Oli and we just have to get on with it mate, the thing is that now the PL have set a precedent there are a couple of clubs who should be quaking in their boots right now..

17 Nov 2023 14:16:42
Aye Ed 25, whilst a kick in the teeth alright this looks like the one season whereby it might actually be doable.

Not sure what's happened City's charges, haven't read anymore on it since they lodged their appeal to get the FA QC barred as he is an Arsenal season ticket holder lol, it'll drag on for years I'm sure but it's just worrying that there seems to be no onus to proceed quickly from either party involved.

Even reading Chelsea are in bother over dealings from their former Russian owner - but no harm, what is a financial penalty or small points deduction going to do to the likes of City or even Chelsea?

City have won trophy after trophy due to this - a fine means nothing to them. Points deduction? Big deal, they don't win the league that year but what about every trophy they did win due to the financial doping?

The sheer amount of money brought in from trophy wins alone should negate any fines, but if a strict deterrent is to be set against clubs following the same way then a fine will not do that - but hey, who honestly knows what will unfold?

It is honestly amazing though that Everton's case has been decided so quickly though, one would have thought the 115 charges is by far the more serious and that more attention would have been given but all quiet there.

17 Nov 2023 15:05:58
Ed25 - it’s slightly different with City mate, Everton are nearly £20m over the £105m loss allowance with Mosheri admitting money was spent to improve a non existent midfield! City have probably denied everything and will continue with their time barring strategy


17 Nov 2023 15:21:18
I think a recent FOI request, referenced in Parliament, confirmed that the Government behind City's owners have made representations directly to the UK government in relation to the bringing of these charges against City - although not the nature of those representations. People can make their own mind up as to what the substance of this may be, particularly in the context of the UK government trying to forge trade deals in the region.

17 Nov 2023 15:21:25
Indeed, Ed25. It seems Everton have come out with a statement saying they are watching the City investigation very closely since as you said, the precedent has been set here so let's see whether the PL and the independent tribunal have the guts to come down on City, should they be found officially guilty.

And it's a good thing that Everton have gotten as much points as they have cos they knew this was coming and prolly played well on purpose to get the amount of points they are on now so when the punishment hit and they have not been hit that hard.

{Ed025's Note - it has hit hard though Oli, what seemed a step in the right direction recently where we were heading up the table has put us back to square one mate, we have a threadbare squad as it is and a couple of injuries or suspensions to key players could see us struggling again and the confidence could easily go out of the window, lets hope not but you never know in football..

17 Nov 2023 16:26:40
Absolutely agree Ed precedent has been set. Will be interesting to see how they follow through. Reckon you'll be fine this season too as most have said. Think Dyche has the team playing some decent stuff.

{Ed025's Note - we are doing ok DM but however you look at it it’s a bit of a blow mate. I’m with you that we will still be ok but I was hoping for a bit better than that this season if I’m honest..

17 Nov 2023 16:42:19
Everton should just accept the punishment and be grateful the league didn't hand it down to them last season like they should have.

{Ed025's Note - it seems a bit harsh to me Thunderbird considering we have been in constant contact with the premier league over the matter mate, especially when yourselves and the other 5 shithouses who tried to ruin the Premier league by trying to form a super league got a slap on the wrists..

17 Nov 2023 16:57:57
Ed025 you will be absolutely fine mate.

As threadbare as you might become Burnley, Luton and Sheffield United have already got a reservation in the championship next year. With Bournemouth on the waiting list.

If there was one season you would be sound it’s this one.

{Ed025's Note - we have been fortunate that it was this season Wassa, a bit harsh i think mate but it is what it is..

17 Nov 2023 17:08:55
I agree with all above, ed25 comments spot on. I think Everton will be grand this season as regards relegation even with deduction. Everton biggest problem may now be the teams that have been relegated suing them. I've read ( not sure if 100%true) that relegated teams are looking 300m compensation from Everton.

{Ed025's Note - i dont think they have a case Digger, if they have a problem they should take it up with the Premier league mate as they decided what and when the punishment should be, sour grapes from teams who were so crap they got relegated and deservedly so..

17 Nov 2023 17:56:48
two things here sadly, one is what needs to happen to City and Chelsea and two, what will happen to City and Chelsea.

17 Nov 2023 18:30:17
No chance of LFC ever being done for over spending?

man city will always get away with it because their brown envelope is bigger?

17 Nov 2023 18:35:00
Although ed25 u can see why they not happy as couple of points either way may have made a difference.
I can understand everton frustration as it seems worse offenders can get off, although I think with today's judgement there will be v severe repercussions for other teams.

{Ed025's Note - i really hope so digger mate..

17 Nov 2023 18:53:26
Harsh on Everton I think. but at the end of the day, hell, I wouldn't be surprised if the PL actually gave City more points.

All jokes aside, charges will be dropped against City.

17 Nov 2023 19:30:47
"especially when yourselves and the other 5 rubbishhouses who tried to ruin the Premier league by trying to form a super league got a slap on the wrists. "

Okay so, I don't know where this came from or what this is all about BUT it is what it is. I hope you stay up, Ed25.

{Ed025's Note - cheers Oli..

17 Nov 2023 20:38:55
Why was it harsh on everton they were guilty? What about the teams relegated?

18 Nov 2023 09:32:03
Ed025 sorry to see your team get the punishment, seems excessive but a presidence has been set.

My problem is that recently the 115 charges over city has made me a bit disillusioned with football. We expect that it'll be dragged out over years, so why should I get worked up over the games when there is a chance the book will be thrown at them and years of football is basically declared as no winner.

{Ed002's Note - No precident has been set.}



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