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03 Dec 2023 15:01:14
I think this has shown up Kelleher for what he is - average. He is not up to being a second keeper, sorry to say. We need a better back up to Ali.

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03 Dec 2023 16:21:02
He has been poor this season on the whole, but let's not forget he had been pretty good even when stepping up for Ali in the previous seasons. I even remember some people suggesting we sell Ali, because we have him. It's difficult to consistently be good after coming in from the cold, but I will give him a few matches before I judge him. Obviously his shot stopping is not at Alisson's level (but then whose is) and perhaps he is an average shotstopper. But he's pretty comfortable with the feet, and can make good saves (like the header in the first half) . He will obviously improve with games, but he is not going to get those at Liverpool, hence I thought a move would have been ideal for him in the summer.

{Ed025's Note - today he made Karius look like Gordon Banks mate..

03 Dec 2023 16:23:38
Good luck getting a better backup keeper.

03 Dec 2023 16:36:22
That's the thing Ed025, everyone knows we are pretty open at the back, but we are able to sort of make it work because of the greatness of Ali. No other keeper could replace him without us dropping off, because quite simply no one at his level, especially for the 1v1 chances we usually tend to give up. We are just lucky that we have him as it allows us to play a much more expansive style of football than would be possible with other keepers.

{Ed025's Note - Alisson is an amazing keeper TKA and the best in the world for me, he must save you 10-12 points a season at least mate..

03 Dec 2023 16:45:15
I’ve got to admit he didn’t look good. I really don’t know what he was done for the second goal. You can argue that he doesn’t play much and is a bit rusty but also you could say that this is his time to be ready and show the world that he is ready to become a no 1 keeper if not with us then someone else.

03 Dec 2023 16:52:12
Allison is a massive miss for us especially if he’s going to miss the Utd, Arsenal and Newcastle games over this month period as those teams will create chances to test Kelleher.

I think Kelleher is a good keeper but not sure what his actual level is because he does seem to concede shots that you would expect keepers to save.

Hopefully a run of games helps him.

03 Dec 2023 16:54:29
I think this is all far too harsh on Kelleher.

He is 100 miles better than Karius even on a day like today.

He is solid in most areas and is exceptional playing the ball which allows us to maintain how we play in posession at the back.

He has areas to work on but the gaps are not major and nothing unexpected for a goalie that gets the amount of starts he does.

I don't think he is a future Liverpool no.1 but I think he is an excellent number 2.

But again, I have no idea who you have in mind as a new number two who would be better. Thinking of the premier league number twos, I more than fine with Kelleher thank you.

03 Dec 2023 17:15:43
All the top 6 clubs in the division has a better back up GK than Kellehar. You juts need CASH to buy.

03 Dec 2023 17:23:24
I have to agree guys he was awful today and at fault for every goal.

03 Dec 2023 17:28:44
Complete nonsense Habibi.

Man City backup Steffen had a horror show in fa cup semi final. There's a very noticeable drop when Ortega is in goals.

Spurs backups are terrible.

Ramsdale thinks he is a number one and was dodgy as hell against Brentford without a run of games. Arsenal defence was mad nervous with him. Without run of games difference in his performance was huge. Not to mention he has his dad doing interviews about how Arsenal are screwing his son over.

Newcastle have Karius till recently.

United goalies aren't even putting pressure on Onana who makes mistakes most games.

I think you are all deluded lads when it comes to backup goalies. Sorry.

{Ed001's Note - I am with you Davey. Yes Kelleher was poor today, but he is rusty and lacks the experience to deal with it as he has never had a proper long term run of games. It would have been better for his career if he had moved on a couple of seasons ago and got regular football under his belt. But, as back ups go, he is about on a par with the rest. That is why they are back ups.}

03 Dec 2023 17:37:05
I hate all this ‘he’s good with his feet’ nonsense. You’re a keeper. First and foremost you have to be good with your HANDS.

03 Dec 2023 17:51:28
I don’t get this “He hasn’t given a run in” whenever he has been called he has made mistakes. We had to score 4 against a rubbish side at home to take all three points. There are the games he should prove everyone how mighty he is which he hasn’t.

03 Dec 2023 17:44:13
Thanks Ed. Good to have someone onside.

Truly, I never thought he would become our number 1. He is not at that level but I do think he ll improve and I actually think we have a backup that is marginally better than other backups.

Not many backups win cups and Kelleher has.

I think this is all off the back of his worst performance.

He is perfectly fine for me and I bet he improves next games.

{Ed001's Note - agreed. He will always be inconsistent until he gets experience and regular football.}

03 Dec 2023 18:29:19
Edd001 then i hope he goes. He has the ability to be a top 5 and shouldn't waste anymore time playing fiddle to a very very special goalkeeper in Allison who i thought we should have made captain.

03 Dec 2023 18:40:05
He was significantly better a couple seasons ago.

He hasn’t improved, but actually regressed as a goalkeeper.

03 Dec 2023 19:57:41
Haven’t posted in an age but feelt I needed to to remind everyone in this thread that WE WON!

03 Dec 2023 19:48:23
I see the netflix generation has infiltrated this page again.

People really need to take a bigger picture view of the world before they comment. It's really single celled simple to say 'x' player had a bad game. Whilst that might be true in a silo, to then go and make the leap to Kelleher being average and we need a better backup keeper is a really sad indictment of where the world is. now now now.

I think it's pathetic to be honest and whilst I'm usually supportive of opinions, this one can go in the bin.

03 Dec 2023 19:51:48
Ederson conceded 3 today and 4 couple of weeks ago, in the supposed best team in the world. It happens he is young and relatively inexperienced I was gutted today by the goals that went in but maybe that is because we are spoilt at the moment . Wasn’t long ago we had mignolet an karius and we expected that type goals against us.

03 Dec 2023 19:53:32
He’s 25 and how many career games does he have under his belt? He needed to leave for his own good not just the summer gone but probably the one before that, but he’s happy to stay on the bench on good wages. Difficult to sign a 2nd choice keeper but i think we can bring in better if we look hard enough.

03 Dec 2023 19:56:02
He was poor today and has had much better games but as well as not being as good a shot stopper as Ali he doesn't have the same presence in the six yard box.

03 Dec 2023 20:34:16
Wow! After one game everyone wants Kelleher thrown in the bin?

Don’t forget Ali was woeful against City so shall we bin him off too?

Get a grip, it was a huge day for Kelleher today and perhaps it got to him. Like it or not we need to rely on him for the next couple of weeks so let’s just give him a little support rather than jumping on his back after 5 minutes.

We won the game, try actually enjoying that rather than looking for negatives all the time.

{Ed025's Note - i dont agree with all the bin him talk BP but you cant just ignore how bad he kept today, what do you expect guys to say...he done well?, you got away with it today mate but he has to up his game if he is to be the understudy to Alisson..

03 Dec 2023 20:55:48
The punditry is taking all joy out of an astonishing win. There is a time for talking about tactics and complaining about everything all things that aren't perfect. Is that the first thing that came to your mind, after such a game and result? Well, I must appreciate your concern for the club, Sir!

03 Dec 2023 20:57:55
It’s been obvious for years that he is no good. We all said so didn’t we ? Well, everyone except all the people who said, back in the day, five months ago, that the club would be stupid to sell such a great young keeper who is the best back-up in the league - the summer transfer window wasn’t it? The lad had a poor game, unlike on Thursday night in the EL. Ali is the best goalie in the world, comparing anybody against him would make them not look as good.

03 Dec 2023 21:01:50
To davysulls, this is a keeper being paid a lot of money to do his job and all this rubbish about him being rusty is a load of bollocks what do you have to do give him a months notice to play so he is ready . The man trains everyday to be ready so please don't make excuses by the way he let in four last season against southampton.

03 Dec 2023 20:57:13
Not sure everyone is saying bin him or everyone needs to be told we won.

Also what’s the Netflix generation meaning?

03 Dec 2023 21:01:53
Let me guess Habibi, the City number two would be a good shout?

03 Dec 2023 21:20:45
Harry, name them. I dare you.

03 Dec 2023 21:25:27
it’s the opposite of the Orkut generation ??????. Living in the 50’s forever.

03 Dec 2023 22:00:24
To be fair, he did keep a clean sheet against LASK.

03 Dec 2023 22:01:51
The point is lads and lasses kelleher will be in goal for some very important games in the next coming weeks and his performance today has not filled me with confidence . I am sorry but i know we won today but we let in 3 goals . Never mind what city did they were playing a team that beat us Spurs we were playing a mid table team no disrepect and our keeper looked out of his depth . The lad is at one of the biggest clubs in the world he knows what is expected of him when called on so there should be no excuses. I hope the lad proves me wrong i really do but he will have to up his game and as for Ali having a poor game last time he played he may of but he made a top class save to keep us in the game and wins us 10 to 12 points a season.

03 Dec 2023 23:20:26
Hi had a bit of an argument on live chat about this too. Kelleher had a bad day. Maybe a few this season, but it’s clear there’s enough talent there to be a very good second choice keeper. The comment about him being the worst second choice keeper out of the top 6 is not right at all. Let’s give him maybe 5 more games, but everyone jumps on the hate bandwagon.

03 Dec 2023 23:29:52
To Albey, it's human nature man. There's no match for match experience and a run of games. It's got nothing to do with how he trains, or how professional he is.

It takes backup goalies a while to settle in. That's why they all look dodgy. He ll be fine. I let the clammer simmer down now and let's all just see how he gets on after a few games.

I ve seen a lot worse than the goals left in today.

04 Dec 2023 00:40:15
Ed25 I don’t expect anyone to say he played well he obviously made a couple of mistakes but let’s give the guy a chance. He’s had some great games for us which is why most of us are ok with him as a backup to Ali but if we are expecting a backup to be as good as Ali then we are in for some disappointment.

He also made a really good save at 2-2 when Ream followed it up and was offside but no one mentions that do they?

The fact is with Ali in goal we go in 2-0 up and cruising. We all know that but that’s why he’s the best in the world. To expect Kelleher to be the same is just ridiculous.

I really despair when I talk to football fans these days, if we don’t win 4-0 and give no chances away they are always looking for someone to blame.

It’s football, people will make mistakes and the opposition will score goals. It’s their job and they are very highly paid to do it. This entitled attitude that when it doesn’t all go your way you have to blame someone winds me right up.

{Ed025's Note - that’s why I said at the start calling for his head is stupid BP. It’s a total overreaction but if any player has a bad game then I think it’s fine to say so. It does not make you less of a supporter just an honest one. Don’t get me wrong people like “Harry” who just slag players off for the sake of it are well out of order but constructive criticism is fine by me mate..

04 Dec 2023 11:46:59
What is beyond comprehension is the idea of comparing Kellerher to AB1 to begin with.



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