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06 Jun 2024 18:27:43
Sorry to offend any people but your national team manager is an idiota as we say. He gets rid of quansah who plays champions league football for the 3rd best English team for nobody players like dunk maguire and gueye. How does that guy even have a job and his tactics is dinosaur age I feel sorry for any English who think they have a chance this summer you have zero chance literally zero while that guy is with your team.

Plenty of good English managers too potter is a good manager but did poor at Chelsea Eddie Howe is very good, the wolves and Ipswich managers very good. Your national team does not scare any team this summer because of that guy. I think Portugal or France have strongest squad England have no chance. Scotland have better chances.

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06 Jun 2024 19:06:37
I mean I wasn’t calling you a “nut” until your last sentence.

06 Jun 2024 19:11:40
Quansah has never played Champions League football. Embarrassing again.

06 Jun 2024 19:18:24
Maguire wasn’t picked because of injury and did we really think Jarrel would be in the final squad. He’s a young man and will soon be a regular in the squad if he continues on his efforts of this season.
No issues with gueye who has done well for palace and bigger teams are looking at.
As much as it pains me to say, branthwaite is the one omission I would question, he has been extremely good. I’d have him in ahead of Dunk as the LCB option.

06 Jun 2024 19:33:47
I’ll be honest I’d rather our players weren’t picked for the Euros, but I’m quite happy for England to win as it means Brexit Jim will go for Southgate for United, and who would not want that?

06 Jun 2024 19:46:32
Sure quansah is Still there, Southgate Said he was and more likely a back up incase of injuries. How the fook has Shaw made the squad. Expect gomez to play left back. Grralish needs to evaluate his position at city to get back into the team.

06 Jun 2024 20:17:27
I think the defensive selections are woeful and I’m just glad I’m not a passionate International football fan.

Stones - 111 minutes played in the last 10 games after being dropped for poor form
Trippier - barely fit and started 1 game from the last 11 league games
Shaw - missed the last 13 league games with a muscle injury and still can’t even train
Gomez - started one game in the last 8 league games and couldn’t get a sniff ahead of the dropped Quansah in his primary position
Guehi - started 1 league game since knee surgery 15 games ago and he played DM in it
Dunk - currently can’t even train due to injury and had a very poor season getting battered most weeks

The only defenders he’s picked who are both fit and have been playing well regularly this calendar year are Konsa and Walker. Meanwhile Tomori, Quansah, Branthwaite and Mitchell who all ended the season in great form and are all fully fit, are left at home. I’m sorry but it simply does not make sense to anyone with 2 brain cells to rub together.

England will almost definitely go out the first time they are drawn against a team like Spain, Portugal, France, Germany or Holland because that’s the worst defence I’ve seen since Amber Heard was in court.

{Ed014's Note - Southgate is an absolute clown, to make those decisions around the defence should see him sacked the limp biscuit!

06 Jun 2024 20:24:10
I used to watch all the England games and I was fairly passionate about it but since Southgate has been in charge I just can’t stand watching it. The bloke just irritates me and the football is the most boring I’ve ever seen. I suppose his record is ok but he is clueless so I won’t be watching England until he’s gone.

06 Jun 2024 21:05:22
A team exhibits a managers personality.
Never has that been so obvious than with Jurgen Klopp.
Southgate’s personality is dull, safe, repressed.

England have some great players but an average team.

06 Jun 2024 20:52:15
Agreed Ed014. Another I forgot to mention is Ben White. Arguably the best English defender last season and not picked because Southgate is too stubborn. If he had no other options the dreadful selections might make sense but there are several significantly better alternatives readily available. You have to question if he even watches any football seeing that. It’s really confusing as well because aside from picking Toney over Solanke (which to be fair isn’t a glaring error anyway) the rest of the squad is pretty much spot on in my opinion.

{Ed014's Note - it’s just incredulous that he’s still in the job MK, I’m really hoping United snap him up after the euros!

I honestly have no idea how he got the England job in the first place, he was woeful at club level.

06 Jun 2024 21:50:13
I'm no fan of Southgate but Ben White doesn't want to play for England so how on earth can Southgate pick him? He walked out on the squad in the middle of a tournament. There are many things you can criticize Southgate about but that isn't one of them.

06 Jun 2024 22:12:38
That’s correct Thunderbird - he made himself unavailable. The one that’s baffled me is taking Luke Shaw, injured and not kicked a ball since February.

06 Jun 2024 22:27:02
The Waist Coat is as advertised, an incompetent individual of the highest level.

06 Jun 2024 23:29:44
LOL??? @ Amber Heard! Nice one @MK.

07 Jun 2024 01:26:20
MK Wally wanted White but he wasn't interested. The defense will be England's undoing.

06 Jun 2024 21:23:38
Ed014, Southgate hasn't a clue but he's very fortunate England have one of if not the best teams at the euros. I'm keeping an eye on how he uses trent. I'm guessing a sub and possibly starting in the weaker games but with the defenders available, if he starts trent in the middle against the stronger teams England could be severely punished. Rice is integral to England having a real chance, maybe also Bellingham given his workrate.

{Ed014's Note - and we’re so unfortunate that he’s in charge of them.

He’s probably top of the list of hapless ex players who somehow keep getting jobs in management like Rooney and Lampard.

07 Jun 2024 07:45:04
Thunderbird, Southgate fell out with White at the last tournament and that's why he doesn't want to play for him. I'd imagine White believes he is owed an apology and vice versa. Not sure who's at fault, but either way you have to say it's poor man management to have one of your better defenders become disenfranchised with the international set up. I don't know the full story though so maybe you're correct. Either way, White should be there.

07 Jun 2024 10:17:52
I'm looking forward to it purely to watch some football but I won't be watching much of England. I just hate the way he has them playing, it's boring and I won't be wasting my time unless we get quite far. Don't get me wrong it'd be good to see Trent and Bellingham in action because they're interesting players but I don't have enough free time so not going to waste the time I do have watching nonsense. Southgate is bloody useless.

We aren't winning this tournament. If we do I'll hold my hands up but I will never call that man a good manager.

07 Jun 2024 10:34:23
England’s back four should be Trent, Guehi/ Branthwaite (both are good players, Branthwaite is potentially top class), Stones and Gomez.
Maguire not going is a great development for England. He is slow, turns like a rhino and simply won’t cut it against the likes of France and Spain.

07 Jun 2024 10:54:26
@the colonel

Miles off it again lad.

You’re more KFC than LFC.

07 Jun 2024 10:43:53
ED14, don't jinx it, man. Utd might just fire 7-Hag and hire The Waist Coat.

The memes will be legendary, I tell ya.

{Ed014's Note - that would be a beautiful thing Oli

07 Jun 2024 11:43:34
@Ed14, you missed out our own Stevie G in your list of crap managers. Inspirational midfielder but very poor manager.

{Ed014's Note - good point wdw ?



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