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07 Feb 2024 08:18:32
Morning reds
Really can't believe how negative some of the posts about the team have been.
It was a poor performance from a number of players on the day and selection didn't work the way they have hoped but we still went in at half time 1-1 and looked better second until that terrible goal.

If someone had said at this stage in the season we would be in and around top of the league, still in our hands to win it, league cup final and still in fa cup and europa I think nearly every fan would have been made up with that at the start of the season.

Also over the last 4 weeks we have largely been without Salah, Endo, Sobbo, Trent, Robbo and Tsimikas plus longer term injuries to Thiago, Bajectic and Matip and we have still managed to keep a really high standard with the results.

Hopefully from here most on injuries and international are back, Thiago starting to play again as well, Bradley hopefully will keep building when he is back, and excited for the end of the season.

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07 Feb 2024 08:40:56
pretty standard after a game we don't win mate.

07 Feb 2024 09:23:42
You should know by now Alex if we don’t win at a canter then everyone is rubbish and nobody cares or worked hard enough.

None of these players will ever make it at Liverpool. That Klopp fella can clear off too.

I still can’t believe we didn’t score at least 4 away to a title rival. Unforgivable.

07 Feb 2024 09:56:54
I don't think it's been that bad.

People are discussing the game which was a poor performance.

I don't think people are criticizing the team as a whole who have been fantastic this season.

We are in a great place. Not to mention a week to recover, returning players and a home game. No better way to get right back at it.

07 Feb 2024 10:31:32
It's a shame we couldn't deliver a performance on Sunday. But, the main thing is that it is still in our hands and we have a clear week to prepare for the next two fixtures and a lot of big players to return.

The only lingering frustration is that we have dropped too many points against this overrated Arsenal team in the last two seasons. We have started slowly in each of the last 5 against them. A frustrating pattern.

07 Feb 2024 13:18:25
It's cos we are used to not losing but no team in England is unbeaten this season. I think it's the performance which is the most annoying part especially after the quality of the chelsea match.

07 Feb 2024 13:33:25
For me though negativity is people just being realistic and our flaws need to be exposed and corrected . It's only one game in 17 yes but we have had a healthy slice of luck along the way. These players earn more than we could dream of so pressure in the form of negativity should keep players hungry to prove us wrong and for there own pride. To win this league we all know you have to be near perfect . and could still come 2nd.

07 Feb 2024 13:18:25
It's cos we are used to not losing but no team in England is unbeaten this season. I think it's the performance which is the most annoying part especially after the quality of the chelsea match.

07 Feb 2024 13:48:11
@Davey - did you miss the post about cashing in on TAA. In my honest opinion that’s a tad irrational.

07 Feb 2024 17:36:25
Hmm I dunno. I enjoy other fans views on the team, positive or negative.
If we was all superfans the site would be pretty dead wouldn’t it.

07 Feb 2024 17:54:48
Why do people always say “if someone had said at the beginning of the season” it’s irrelevant. Should we just be happy to be in and amongst it. Not in my opinion, that opinion is for the weak! The same people that hand out medals to all the kids at school just for taking part.

07 Feb 2024 19:13:30
Some posters literally can’t wait for a defeat so they can tell how Klopp got the team selection wrong, formation wrong, still playing the inverted full back crap, Trent should be sold ??, etc etc.
Forget that we’ve been on an incredibly great run of form, even with a fair few players out. That doesn’t matter on bit. No perspective ?‍♂️.

07 Feb 2024 19:55:21
no way would I want to sell Trent, but I would not want him to be our Captain either, yes he was poor against the Gunners, but, for me, when picking the side, I.

07 Feb 2024 20:06:02
no way would I sell Trent, one of our best players and I hope would stay at LFC for life, but would I want him Captain, no way,
for me, Klopp should never put a half fit Trent up against Martanelli, only one outcome, plus Konate then has to play two roles,
for me Klopp messed up big time, and yes Klopp is up there with the mighty Bill Shankly, but if you mess up at that level, its a big one .
Grav should not have played in front of Trent, he offers nothing right now and should be loaned out .
Gakpo not in the first eleven,
we have so many great players, and once endo and Bradley are back, then we should go on and win a Trophy or two .

07 Feb 2024 20:32:35
West Derby Wanderer3, that was a good one, isn't it? Pretty sure the poster wanted a reaction and well he got it cos I've been on this forum and at no point have I ever read that TAA should be potentially sold. Klopp messed up and he prolly knows it more than anyone else so we move.

@Alex, it's what happens whenever we don't win or better yet outright lose. The same people singing the players' and manager's praises 3 days before, will be the same ones saying how they knew we would crumble before the game and literally say things like, "Oh, it's City's title now".

So at the first site of adversity, they throw their toys out the pram, throw their hands up as well as the towel, as if City and Arsenal are just going to let us win the league w/ o a fight. Standard procedure for the most part.

07 Feb 2024 21:35:17
It was me who posed the question about TAA
Quite clearly stated that it wasn’t based on one performance and that to me he’s looked like he’s not enjoying his football.

07 Feb 2024 22:29:42
Oli stop speaking down to everyone. You’re not as big as a Liverpool fan you make out mate.

08 Feb 2024 00:45:27
‘pressure in the form of negativity should keep players hungry to prove us wrong’

I wouldn’t want to work for you mate ?.

08 Feb 2024 08:01:33
It's perfectly fine to praise the team when they do well but all out hatred starts just coz people have said negative stuff about the team.
It swings both ways in all walks of life.
Just hope everyone can enjoy the rest of the season.

08 Feb 2024 08:16:19
@ Oli your statement about nobody wanted Trent sold is incorrect. I for one would welcome the selling of Trent I've repeatedly expressed this opinion. There was numerous other last season also.
I think the team would benefit without him.
Thankfully klopps gone at the end of the season. Now a new rebuild without Trent, Salah, Diaz and Thiago.
The future really can be an LFC dominance.

08 Feb 2024 10:22:00
Lol Walter you're going to make everyone meltdown mate, calm the jokes down haha. I love how adding Thiago into the mix makes it look like you're been serious. Excellent mate.

08 Feb 2024 10:27:49
Same after every defeat tbh lol - in fairness, many of the posts are fair enough criticisms of tactics, players being poor on the day etc and that's fair enough, you support a team you'll celebrate when they win, be annoyed when they lose and then forums like this give us all the chance to debate possible signings, tactics used in games, possible tweaks we'd like to see etc - no bother at all with those discussions

Then we have some that post that seem to delight in losses and we get the usual 'Klopp out' or 'he's been found out' or 'rubbish manager' then the player bashing starts as well and lads you have to understand that it was very hard on those guys cos we hadn't lost in ages so jeez they had to bite their tongues for soooo long ??

In fairness a defeat like this was coming, we all knew it, we have rode our luck in games for a while and underperformed in a lot but still found a way to win -I seem to find though the longer you go unbeaten then the more the pressure grows, we lost one game - the team played very poorly and deserved to lose, it happens. None of us like it but games like this happen every single season

The big match for me is the next one - absolutely have to win and then just keep winning, and to just focus on winning our own games. I will say though, given the midfield overhaul etc in the summer and how we played last season, I never expected to be anywhere near the position we are in - just enjoy the ride lol lads, though I would hope we could win whatever we can to send Klopp off in style.

08 Feb 2024 11:48:43
Yeah I don’t mind fair criticism such as there were some really poor individual performances and by no means should be settle for mediocrity but some of the posts claiming due to this one result it highlights how poor the players are and they need to be replaced as they aren’t good enough or they it highlights our major weakness in this area or that is completely wide of the mark. Our best 11 out there we would have won the game, we were missing some key players, few not fully fit yet and it showed.

08 Feb 2024 13:31:41
Well said Bill.

08 Feb 2024 14:34:29
Spot on, @Alex. brilliantly put. You can criticise the perf., the players and the manager for poor performances and what you think are bad selections and strategies esp. since the performance collectively was too bad to ignore. That's fair and it does not mean you think you know more than the players nor the manager cos that's just ludicrous logic.

But to just start chirping away saying we are crap (yet only first real loss of the season, not arsed about Spurs), players are now bad after going 15 games in the PL unbeaten, still in 4 comps. (the only English club in this situation), and now saying we won't win the title anymore yet saying before the game how great we have it, is just nonsense I have no time for.

08 Feb 2024 15:45:48
People do realise that it doesn’t matter if it’s 2 fans or 200 thousand fans that want Trent or another player sold then it has zero bearing on what the club actually do.

It’s all just opinions. I enjoy reading them all ( well maybe not all ?)

08 Feb 2024 15:59:11
I'm no psychologist but it really becomes hilarious at times. The "positive" guys do their thing and imply, or even directly say, that the "negative" posters are not true fans because they aren't supporting the team through thick and thin. Now, as I saw on the last live chat, the "negative" posters are saying the same thing. Implying that the "positive" ones are not true supporters since they don't criticize the club when it's absolutely required to do so!

Sigh. You can't make this stuff up.

08 Feb 2024 18:09:45
Oh my dear Salah hope you're well. I just need to point out this was no joke. I stand firmly in my statement.
Just feel the players I mentioned are not quite right for us. I'll concede this might change with a new manager and a new system but for me right now those players have been part of the problem.

08 Feb 2024 20:26:29
Part of what problem?
The problem of being top of the table and already in a final?
That's a problem?

08 Feb 2024 21:03:19
@ Flash the red the problem with Trent as much as people won't agree he's such a liability at RB. Many goals conceded because of him over the seasons. He just seems to coast through games. Yes a few decent passes but reminds me of Rashford never consistent.
Salah hinders the team by constantly shooting straight at the keeper when tap ins were available. To be fair he has vastly improved his assists. But it's all came too late for me.
Diaz just hasn't hit the heights required for the Premier league. For me he flatters to deceive. Just not enough goals or assists. A new player could vastly improve this situation.
Thiago I am devastated for. Just always injured. A joy to watch but it's too infrequent and he hasn't been outstanding.

09 Feb 2024 00:30:16
I am very well thank you very much Walter, hope you are too mate :) .

09 Feb 2024 12:19:54
@ArAy, it’s a bit like the arts vs science debate that students (like me, back in the day) talk crap about when they’ve had a couple of shandies. If you take philosophy and theoretical physics which are in a lot of people’s perception the extreme ends of the scale, they are actually after the same thing - same with the ‘positives’ and the ‘negatives’ on here - we just want Liverpool to be the best.



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