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10 Feb 2024 14:08:17
Sick to the back teeth of this City side now. 70 mins in and inevitably there's the winning goal. They always win. Something has to be done about these 115 charges as they are rubbing it in people's faces each time they put a team on the pitch. Its the same dull boring side to side passing and constant fouling no one ever gets punished for until KDB puts a ball in for the android up front to score from .

Let's smash Peps best mate 7-0 at Anfield today to tey and get back on top . We need to be with in a point or two come the game at Anfield in March so we can do this ourselves and beat them without needing a favour. Everton have been brilliant defensively but can't attack. Its not on them its just how it is with City. So come on Liverpool let's have a huge win today in front of the largest ever crowd at Anfield for a Premier league game .

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10 Feb 2024 14:30:13
Burnley rolled over for City. They won’t do the same for us.

10 Feb 2024 14:31:02
Give over, they are top of the league because none of our lot turned up last week nothing to do with 115 charges!

10 Feb 2024 14:40:48
We need to get our injured players back.

10 Feb 2024 18:36:05
Kimuraking. tdeh, you're doing this to yourself, IMO. When I watch them, I already assume they are going to win and when they do, I'm not bothered either cos well, Im not surprised.

The mentality we have to have is the same one we had in the 19/ 20 season, "We have to win all our games. Cos assume City will win all their games". It's hard and I get it but at the end of the day, it is what it is.

10 Feb 2024 20:00:57
Drawing at home to a terrible utd team, picking up 1 point against arsenal over 2 games, drawing at a shocking Chelsea team and drawing at Luton, while I don't disagree with what you said about city, we've only ourselves to blame for letting them stroll back to the top, without having to do anything even remotely spectacular to get there .

10 Feb 2024 21:01:30
For everything we’re saying about City and all others are saying about how we’ve dropped points we shouldn’t have, we’re essentially even Stevens with City.

Seems to me that many fans here still carry an inferiority complex.

10 Feb 2024 21:35:31
@Port Red, City drew games as well esp. at the Etihad esp. against us so they can say the same thing we are saying about our draws to Luton, Utd and all that. The PL does NOT offer any guarantees as we have seen. I think there is no point in dwelling on the past cos clearly, City and Arsenal ain (t dwelling on it cos they have actually lost more games than we have. Just my take.

Spot on, @Faith. City struggled massively vs Everton today as well (and I expect Arsenal to do so vs WH, as well) and had to bring on their big guns like KDB and even then, they still struggled and with Haaland being anonymous all game, they were running out of ideas. Everton dallied on the ball, didn't clear it and Haaland scores. We struggled vs Burnley as well but we played a lot better in the second half and got the win.

This is what it's going to be, guys. Just strap it up cos it is going to be a rollercoaster of emotions here so get used to it.

10 Feb 2024 21:52:08
@Port red, City have dropped point too, mate. Getting on for two thirds of the way through the season we are top of the toughest league in the world. At the start of the season - at the start of any season - I’d take that. It’s brilliant, it’s exciting, it’s what we all want - it’s fun. Like Klopp said at the start of the season ‘you have to believe to make things happen, not just believe when they have’. Try and enjoy it mate, who knows we might not be in the position again for a good while.

10 Feb 2024 21:44:43
The team needs to take responsibility for the draws and two losses we have had.
We need to concentrate on us and not other teams that might or might not be cheating.
I am happy with our current situation. I personally thought we'd struggle this season and be in a similar situation/ position as Chelsea.

10 Feb 2024 22:59:53
City Schmity.

We just beat Burnley 3-1.

They are shaking in their boots over there.

And Arsenal will drop points tomorrow.

We re winning every game from here on out. I can feel it.

11 Feb 2024 00:00:17
what does "the team needs to take responsibility for the draws and losses" even mean? And how does the team do that?

11 Feb 2024 00:38:48
The only results the squad can affect is our own and winning is the only way to stay in the title race. The 2 years we lost the league by a point or so we actually lost less games than City.

Win every game now until City and then we beat them and the title will well and truly be in our hands.

Business end of the season where results are more important than performances so winning ugly might have to do some weeks.

11 Feb 2024 01:09:50
I think a reality check is needed here, we’re absolutely dependent on beating City at Anfield and then winning every game until the end of the season, realistically that’s not possible as we make too many mistakes and we are also likely to be on the end of more refereeing howlers between now and the end of the season. Whereas City have been here multiple times and have an unerring ability to put together a run of consecutive wins from January/ Feb onwards, which we’ve always fallen short of. Reality is that it’s City’s to lose as recent history is very much against us. I.

11 Feb 2024 01:53:28
We are playing as eternal under dogs even when we are top of the table.

I don't see the confidence of title winning side.

Get a feel of all action and no substance.

Wonder how we got to this position playing this way.

11 Feb 2024 02:11:26
I don’t know why we just can’t win all of the games, it looks easy to me.

11 Feb 2024 06:27:51
@TB, that made me laugh - as ever, love your input to the banter page mate ??.

11 Feb 2024 08:24:45
When do our wheels start falling off introducing the start of our implosion?

11 Feb 2024 09:40:03
Lads, you got to give up this fear of Man City.

Let me tell you the story in this documentary I watched.

This young teenage kid named Daniel moved from New Jersey where he had friends to Reseda, Los Angeles. Well it couldn't have gone worse to start with let me tell us.

Right off the bat he was bullied. And not just your average bullies either. Heavily trained bullies in a merciless and ferocious variant of karate. It was really bad let me tell ya.

The only way he could stave them off was to agree to take them all on the biggest karate tournament in the world. "The all valley". That's right. All the valley. Trained Fighters from everywhere in the valley.

With only a month's training by a janitor and a house decoration later, he had to take on this gang of merciless killers trained from early childhood. Also, being a scrawny kid, he was giving away a lot in size.

He got to the semis handily enough against all odds. But in the semis, facing one of the top guys from the gang, he broke his leg. Not too dissimilar to the blow Arsenal gave us last Sunday I say. Despite disqualification of the opponent, he now has to fight the biggest, baddest, greatest defending champion the Valley/ World has ever known. The legendary Johnny Lawrence. I'm sure you heard of him. He is not too dissimilar to Man City in this metaphor.

Wounded, he still managed to take a few points but ultimately Johnny was beating him up bad and then, being the merciless trained killer that he was, he took out the injured leg.

Daniel was rolling around in pain.

But remember, he could still win this thing. He was only a point away.

That's where we are now. Only one point away, playing the biggest baddest opponent around. And our injured leg is out injuries right now.

Then the janitor muttered something we all should never forget. " You can lose to opponent but must not lose to fear"

Personally, at the time, I thought the kid was dead meat but to my shock he only got up and executed the rarely seen, undefendable crane kick.

That's what me must do now. Lose the fear and crane kick Man City's face and win the league!

And it starts by not being afraid of Man City. We can take them.

11 Feb 2024 10:39:45
@WDW3, great quote. I got one for ya from Klopp, as well:

"If you are okay with the fact that things may not work out, then you can go for it".

@Faith, I was going to say the same thing. What does that train wreck of a statement mean? I hope he can elaborate, as well.

@Davey, spot on. If you don't have the guts to do a "Daniel-san" then, it will ruin your LFC-supporting life. Also, I can understand that cos the media keeps droning into our heads that City can real off 15 wins in a row despite the fact that over the last 3 years, that has NEVER happened nor has it even happened this season.

In fact, it is LFC that had the longest unbeaten streak in the PL this season (15 games) BUT nobody talks about that cos the media didn't tell us this. This is how spreading fear and propaganda via disinformation happens in the English media as in, "City will win so don't bother challenging". See where Im going with this? Good thing Klopp NEVER got that memo and the rest of the PL is sick of it, right?

If you live in fear of City then, pack it in and move on cos fear will paralyse you and prevent you from enjoying the greatness happening in front of you. Like the great quote from Ex U. S President Franklin Delanoe Rooseveldt, "There is nothing to fear BUT fear itself". Fear is a choice. Your move.

11 Feb 2024 14:46:19
Maybe if they didn't get off cheating the 1st time on a technicality they would not have cheated for another 10 years, all we can do is hope the government don't protect them for the oil money donations.

11 Feb 2024 15:32:51
Your right Port Red, hopefully Xabi just cuts out them pesky draws and losses and just wins 5-0 every week next year.

11 Feb 2024 18:55:52

11 Feb 2024 18:59:46
‘The team have to take responsibility for the draws and losses’?

Honestly Negative how arrogant and entitled do you have to be to think your team is not allowed to draw or lose a game?

Despite everyone’s fear of City and their premonitions that they will win every week, they won’t. We don’t need to win every game to win the league and to suggest we do is as ludicrous as it is unrealistic.

This is football guys. We can draw at Luton just as easily as City can lose at Wolves or Arsenal can lose at Fulham. All we can ask for is that we are up there with a chance and we are.

11 Feb 2024 19:42:54
I would like to thank Davy Sulls and Oilred for making my day brighter I read both posts and enjoyed both of them .

well done lads.



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