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08 May 2024 09:01:48
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Beckers pecker has written an article entitled, Respect Your Team's Football Players

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08 May 2024 10:10:03
Agree with your sentiments, Beckers. Although, I think that criticism is necessary to improve, the issue is when that criticism becomes personal. I have not seen any of that kind on this forum on our players thankfully, maybe thanks to the Eds filtering out the excessive posts, but social media is rife with it. Even Quansah when he made that mistake in the Utd game was abused by our "fans" on social media. And that is not considering the messages that they get in the DMs as well, where I am sure it is viler. They may not be able to see all the comments and messages but it only takes a few for them to be emotionally and mentally affected by it.

I'm still unsure if abuse on social media is the reason for Nunez's actions or if it something going on with the club but nonetheless, we should still be careful of what we say to others online. If it is not something we would say to them in person, then don't say it at all.

08 May 2024 09:52:18
Agree with all of this, the problem I have is why the he'll are we having to explain to people how they should behave!

Firstly, I really want Darwin to stay and succeed as he looks like he cares and will always put a shift in. New manager, new ideas. I'm hoping this is exactly what he'll need going forward.

Secondly, in response to all the "he can't moan, he gets paid xyz etc" who has any right to start making personal attacks on him and his family because of what he's paid or because of poor performances. there's absolutely nothing wrong with being critical if he's had a bad game or something, that's something that all footballers need to accept. Criticism will always be there. Whether it's on TV, in the papers or on social media.
It's down to how you choose to.

08 May 2024 09:54:49
Didn't finish last post, sorry.

I was going to go on saying its not his fault what he's paid and we need to try and get behind him rather than give personal attacks.

I really hope he stays and is on fire next season and shuts a load of people up.

Again, a few of said it but if we find the right system to play to his strengths he could bang 40 or 50 goals in.

Let's hope going forward he either ignores the media attention or just deletes all his accounts so that he can concentrate on his football.

08 May 2024 10:11:11
I agree that supporters shouldn't be verbally abusing players and their families but when he was missing these chances last season was it those fans fault as well? It's a bit of a stretch to blame it all on those fans for Darwin's shortcomings.

08 May 2024 10:43:24
I find it astounding that some people need to be taught the difference between abuse and criticism but that appears to be world we live in now, this isn't isolated to football it’s in every aspect of our society…whilst public figures can be paid a lot and are out in the public domain people seem to think that it’s an open door to be abusive and rotten! If people can’t draw the line between criticism and abuse then frankly there just a moron with a keyboard, and most likely a moron who is completely unqualified to comment on the topic! As for those who abuse there own players I mean honestly perhaps they should buy a dictionary and look up the meaning of the word ‘supporter’.

08 May 2024 10:44:45
Beckers, you and I have had multiple debates on many LFC-related topics. We may agree to disagree on some while we agree on others and that's fine and the actual essence of debate. Most importantly, we have always kept it respectful. Now this article right here, is arguably your best work. Bravo, sir.

For me if Darwin and his lovely wife are getting harrassed and abused on SM then, my gloves are off with these people. At this point, we can't have actual substantive debates about Darwin, what he does well and what he can improve on and how. Nope, that's gone extinct now. This is now the era of slagging players off you don't want/ like and making their lives a living hell on SM and they justify such conduct with "he makes a ton of cash so he should be able to handle it". Pathetic and Darwin's fed up with these people and ALL power to him.

Mate, I have seen our own fans online run blatant/ despicable hit pieces on Darwin just to get clicks and likes on youtube cos Darwin attracts interest especially abuse and there is a money interest in doing it. Imagine people saying "Darwin's misses cost us points that could have won us the title". Really? That's the depths of depravity we are sealing with here proving how wretched some in our fan base can be with players they don't rate or think should NEVER have been signed.

It's fine to not rate a player when he signed BUT don't go around slagging him off at every turn like he was less than human. I did not want Oxelaide-Chamberland here when he came BUT I rooted for him even in his difficult times back then cos he is one of us and if he did well, LFC does well. Is that not what matters? Again, not to these people. I've said it before and I'll keep saying it. If we quit on this kid, we will regret it.

08 May 2024 10:54:01
I've now read it and had to check it wasn't April 1st.

Beckers you've clearly never been in Anfield watching Nunez play.

The home crowd absolutely adore him and he gets the loudest Nunez chants whether he hits the back of the net or the corner flag with a shot.

Perhaps he checks the internet at half time to see what people are posting and that ruins his confidence.

If i wanted someone who doesn't go to games to tell me how to be a supporter ill ask the Mrs.

08 May 2024 10:54:04
Ultimately, this has all been exacerbated by the increased emotion and desperation to win since Klopp's departure was announced. Darwin is an emotional player, playing for an emotional manager and emotional fans in an emotional season.

Hopefully everything will calm down once the season ends and we can start to face up to the Klopp departure and when ready, the prospect of a new beginning.

That is not excusing any online idiots of course.

08 May 2024 10:58:14
I always think that there’s a certain lack of empathy on the part of the critics - and I would hasten to add that I’m as guilty as the next person. My way of trying to make it constructive criticism rather than just emotive abuse is to imagine 60,000 people sitting in the office behind me offering their thoughts on how well I’m (not) doing my job and another couple of million people watching on-line with access to social media to offer their “thoughts”.

To be honest I’ve never met anybody who is perfect although there are increasing numbers on social media who think they are and who usually make the mistake of thinking their opinions are facts.

08 May 2024 12:26:07
West Derby Wanderer3, exactly. I have said it on here that there is no grace anymore when it comes to assessing footballers and their conduct and Darwin is the biggest example. When Darwin does something that does not come off, his haters will say "Oh, he should have done this". Then, when he does what they say and still doesn't come off, "Oh, he should have done that" like, that thing thing the slated him for doing in the first place. Gary Neville is the absolute worst at this when doing our games, btw.

People in our fan base (not arsed about rival fans) who do that are just haters and agenda-driven who do NOT want the best for Darwin cos if they did and have empathy and grace esp. if you have played football at all or the CF position, you would say like, "I see what he tried to do there but it did not come off" or "Darwin did well there BUT the GK made a great save" like it happened with Vicario vs Spurs.

Nope, none of that. I think a player is crap cos I did not want him here and if he makes a mistake then, he must be crap and even when he does well, he is STILL crap. I have seen this with our online fans who have had it in with Darwin, Tsimikas or any player they don't like. Again, some of our fans are the absolute worst and with fans like these, who needs rival fans, any damn way?

08 May 2024 12:53:47
Oli perhaps you should practice what you preach.

I’ve seen you slate players on here specifically Jota and Matip.

You seem to have a superior complex as a supporter (I say that in the loosest term possible) you openly admit you don’t go to games, you don’t watch games live, you free stream them (twice apparently despite us playing dreadfully slow and the tactics and inverted full backs system is crap) and you don’t purchase any kits.

And despite this you criticised the modern day fan the other day. So the opposite this must be fans that go to games, pay to watch them live on tv and buy kits.

Perhaps you should worry about yourself as a supporter before you talk waffle from your high horse on other fans.

08 May 2024 13:49:57
Sorry beckets but I disagree.

If I think Nunez needs to be more clinical, which I think most agree with, that isn’t abuse. It is a criticism of a player that I spend 90 minutes of my life a week to watch and pay through tv subs, tickets and club subscriptions then I think I’m allowed that opinion.

However, if I turned around and said the guy is a moron and should head back where he comes from then that’s personal and crossing a line. (Just to clarify obviously not my view just wanted to illustrate the difference) .

Nunez is one player that you can never question his commitment. I think he causes chaos and I love watching him play. Frustrating at times but compelling too.

As for linking the abuse to his performances, that’s one hell of a stretch, for all we know he could of deleted the images as he’s decided Liverpool isn’t for him. No where does it say from Nunez it’s deleted due to abuse, it’s just guesswork.

As a final note, you can be critical and still want the lad to do well and support him on the pitch. Imagine, if we didn’t and said everything is fine, you don’t need to improve. We’d soon get complacent and someone else who has taken the criticism on board would soon take our place.

08 May 2024 13:51:33
The general rule is absolutely fine, there are however exceptions to this, Balotelli and Diouf.

08 May 2024 14:01:13
Jk23 as always has to mention that he goes to anfield. Well done.

08 May 2024 14:27:45
Nunez gets a lot of support at matches, was a bit quiet on Sunday though - maybe just in my area of the ground?

08 May 2024 14:38:28
JK23, now I know for a fact that you have no idea of what you are reading or whether you read anything at all. Ed01 called you on it the other day and now I know he was right. So let's unpack this. I have criticised players not only Jota and Matip but Naby and whoever else for not pulling their weight. Shoot, I didn't want Ox here to begin with for heaven's sake and I made it known at the time. I criticise Klopp as well, btw.

What I have NEVER done is to abuse them and their families. What I do is criticise their actual play and how they may or may not be good enuff or how they can improve. NEVER have I said they are terrible human beings and want them gone. Also, you saying that I have criticised fans for going to games or buying kits (cos I don't) is patently false cos I have NO time nor the money for such things (and I said so) so how is that an insult to those who do these things? More proof that you have NO idea what you are reading and you being a liar. Absolute rubbish.

Me? A sense of superiority? You NEVER miss a chance to tell anyone on here that you go to games all the time lauding that over everyone as if that makes your opinion more valid. Even on this thread, Beckers is talking about those who abuse Darwin and his family online and you responded by talking about the support Darwin gets from people who go to games just to make it about you. News flash: Beckers was NOT talking about ANY of that nor is this topic about you so try to keep up and once again, read what people write. Yeah, maybe it is you who needs to take your own advice, Einstein.

And mate, only heaven knows where you got the idea that cos I don't watch games live (cos I can't), I stream them off dodgy streams and all this rubbish. Your projection (something you are notorious for) is only matched by your shambolic false accusations. Do better.

08 May 2024 14:46:13
Turn off the internet for a while and give everyone a break from it.

08 May 2024 14:58:53
That’s a good idea and all that Mcgoveb, but how would back bench Tory MP’s be able to look at pictures of tractors.

08 May 2024 15:22:33
Walkon do you not go to Anfield then?

Well done.

Non going match day Super fans are like buses on here.

08 May 2024 15:23:32
oli i didn't even bother to read that reply.

Save your internet data mate, you have 2 games left to stream (well 4 technically Mr i watch every game twice)

08 May 2024 17:04:34
I won't be told how to behave by JK23 who piles into other posters after having half read, or perhaps fully read and not quite grasped, their posts. He sets up straw men so he can knock them down which is so easy to do.

I've been going to Anfield since the mid sixties and have criticised players from Peter Thompson and Ian Callaghan to Darwin Nunez and Luis Diaz without resorting to abuse and hope I would have the courage to repeat that criticisms to the players' faces if I was fortunate enough to meet them unlike the keyboard cowards that Beckers was talking about.

08 May 2024 17:31:20
Kemlyn where have I told how to behave?

08 May 2024 18:43:27
JK23 I think you're fully in defensive mode! The point is that keyboard warriors who make things personal to any player or a member of their family on SM or at the ground are not the sort of people we need in society. I personally agree with this.

Do you agree with this? Or do you think it is ok to threaten, mock, ridicule players and there families?

DISCLAIMER - your seat at Anfield is not under threat of you answer this.

08 May 2024 19:39:19
SzSz8, JK doesn't need me to fight his battles, but he's not advocating mocking or abusing our players. He's picked me up in the past when i've had a pop about one of ours, particularly Gravenberch.

Ive not been going to games as long as Kemlyn, but he's right, supporters have always had a go at certain players, it doesn't make them any less of a supporter. What's obviously changed since Kemlyn and me started going is the advent of social media. I 100% agree that when things get personal, then that is way over the line, but giving one's view point on a player, so long as it's not abusive is perfectly acceptable. For the record, I don't think Nunez will ever cut it with us. However, I will always sing his name as loud as the next man or woman. I'm not sure if that makes me an hypocrite; I will take it on the chin if it does.

08 May 2024 20:08:25
Szsz8, keyboard warriors have always been in society it’s just social media has provided a tool for them to be heard.

The concept of social media was to help contact friends or people you lost contact with. Not type abuse at people (not just footballers) that you’ll never meet.

Add to all that that ‘hate’ creates impressions and comments from people calling it out and it really isn’t great for humanity. Hopefully it proves to be a fad we all laugh at in 20 years but I fear it’s here to stay.

As for JK, I’m sure he can defend himself but most of his comments I read are sarcasm or tounge in cheek but some take it seriously. Too seriously at times!

08 May 2024 20:23:01
Criticise the player's ability or their attitude, if it's bad, but don't abuse them personally (unless it's Diouf or Owen) .

08 May 2024 20:35:44
Szsz thank god my seat isn't under threat last thing you need is more people trying to pinch your streams bandwidth.

I’m not sure where I’ve said or hinted it’s ok to threaten or abuse players but to answer your question absolutely not.

For me fans who threaten or abuse players aren’t real supporters but I also can’t get my head around Darwin sat in the house at night reading the thousands upon thousands of messages or comments he would probably get daily.

Especially seems as he cannot speak English.

Nunez is a massive fan favourite and the support he gets in the ground or any away ground (sorry to mention that again as I know that triggers some) is second to none.

08 May 2024 20:56:43
WYred thanks for the education, not needed but if it made you feel good I'm happy.

As for sarcasm did you miss it in my post?

Anyway it was a simple question, why the tangent?

08 May 2024 21:03:02
Rome 1977! I was just asking a question, JK23 loves to change the narrative to suit his 'SARCASM' (that's for you WYred) so why is it so bad that I do it?

Seriously only joined in because of the constant I got a ticket at Anfield constant blabber, if it was just now and then but it's all the time! I will be quite now, ??.

08 May 2024 21:23:38
How many here abused Keita and Suarez or can you choose who it's OK to abuse?

08 May 2024 21:34:53
JK23 you used the same joke twice in the same thread, I expected better.

I asked you a question, you answered, that's great. I never said anything about anything else.

Pleased you managed to get the away games bit in aswell, glad I could help with your triggering of others ?

Can you hold a sign up on Monday night saying SzSz8 is my favourite poster please, I just hope my stream doesn't buffer ?.

08 May 2024 21:40:53
Szsz you’re always welcome to join me at Anfield. I’ll even get the beers in.

No hard feelings here and I love the sarcasm back as much as I like to give it after all it’s a banter page.

Amazing how this started as we shouldn’t be hurting people’s feelings on the internet bandwagon and turned into a slanging match ?.

I’ll also keep QUITE as well. I’ll probably stay quiet also ?.

08 May 2024 21:58:22
JK23 I struggle to be QUIET, in fairness more than I do to spell it ?

Free beer, now that's an offer but I'd rather have your seat as I only get tickets for 4/ 5 games a year ?

I was serious about the sign then, DARE YOU! ?.

08 May 2024 22:23:13
Glad we've all made up, chaps!

08 May 2024 22:54:57
JK for your information I do go to games, not as many as when I had a season ticket as I’ve now moved out of Liverpool but that is totally irrelevant to what I was saying. Very presumptuous of you though and as per usual, totally incorrect.

I know Nunez gets support in the ground but there are also dissenting voices too. I’ve heard a guy in front of me screaming and swearing about how he feels Nunez isn’t good enough (using language I can’t use on here) to the point where a few of us had to tell him to shut up.

It’s funny how people like you think that paying for a ticket gives you some kind of power to say what you like. Like you have some kind of ownership of the club because you go to games?

Let me tell you what your role actually is when you go to a game because you clearly don’t understand. Just support the team as a whole and the players individually. Honestly I promise you the players will play much better knowing they have 60,000 people fighting their corner rather than moaning at every misplaced pass or missed chance.

I first started going to Anfield in 1983 at the age of 6 and I can tell you that the way fans act at games today is totally different to how it was then. We used to shout, cheer, encourage, support. These days there’s too many entitled, immature morons who think supporting a football team means winning every week and when it doesn’t happen they want to shout about how hard done by they are and how everyone should be sacked for not giving them what they want.

It baffles me. Why support a team if losing affects you like that? Losing is part of the game, missing chances is part of the game, mistakes are part of the game. If you want to resort to abuse and blaming every time it happens then you simply can’t call yourself a supporter.

08 May 2024 23:13:44
It's not ok to abuse Diouf, Keita, Suarez or anyone. If you do is your behaviour any better than theirs?

Could this Nunez thing not be being exaggerated? I don't know and I'm not clued up on SM but I know the media are always looking for stories. Like the Salah and Klopp, Guardiola and Haaland and Haaland and Keane disagreements being fed to us, we react and then they become newsworthy.
It only becomes a scandal if enough people think it's scandalous and we are led to believe it is.

{Ed002's Note - One would hope that nobody is using this as an excuse to try and influence a transfer. Nunez has not worked out as well as hoped but I am not aware of plans to sell him.}

08 May 2024 23:39:13
Here’s a supporter wishing for the chance to go to Anfield weekly!
I’ve only ever saw them once in person and that’s during pre season tour. Absolutely crazy ticket prices but we saved up, got the one we could afford and that was the only in person game we ever had
Wished we had the privilege of attending games at Anfield weekly, hope that we’ll at least get to a game at Anfield at least once in our life time

But guess I’m now a non Anfield attending super fan by some standards here.

09 May 2024 01:15:21
Rigsby is correct, abuse is abuse and the same is true for opposition players.

None of it is “OK” but it is part of the game and has been ever thus.

09 May 2024 02:25:20
Out of curiosity @JK, when did you first go to a match at Anfield? For me it was 1960, apparently (so my dad said) and I went regularly to home matches and frequently to away matches unti 189 when I went off to see the big wide world. It’s a bit difficult getting to matches from Sydney these days but it is a source of constant joy and reassurance that you confirm you are there week in and week out. Keep up the good work.

09 May 2024 07:11:59
Like loose women on here.

First of all I'd like to hold my hands up and apologise to Walkon.

That was a rubbish comment on my behalf and I've fired from the hip. Same for Sgynwa, i actually enjoy reading your posts and i my rubbish comment brought you to the conclusion that i was calling all non match going fans super fans which wasn't the case so again apology.

SZSZ because you've dared me ill have to now. I'll spend a few hours this weekend on a sign. Any particular font or colour.

Beckers, the old i used to have a season ticket but i gave it up is a great story, its a very popular story but a great one albeit. Reminds me of the time i had to give up going to the playboy mansion every week as i also moved.

I hope your campaign to stop online abuse goes well and i'm sure using the terminology nuckledraggers and morons will really counter act the online abuse we see.

WDW some innings that is fair play.

09 May 2024 07:59:24
JK23 just put SzSz8 in block capitals, obviously in red letters and I recommend a white A0 card so it can hold sturdy in all weather conditions.

09 May 2024 08:24:07
Ed002, that's a point. I should imagine that some agents are as bad as the media with their 'creativity'. Some players and club officials, too.

09 May 2024 08:41:55
'Like loose women on here'

Love it JK.

09 May 2024 11:10:11
What are you on about JK?

You are just sounding foolish now but that certainly isn’t the first time.

I’m sure we can all rest easy knowing the club is in good hands with people like you going to the games.



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