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08 Feb 2024 12:11:23
I'm posting this mainly because you couldn't write it and it made me chuckle.

Thiago picked up an injury against Arsenal and will be out for a few weeks.

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08 Feb 2024 12:24:17
Surely not?! One of my favourite players but if that’s true it’s a joke.

08 Feb 2024 12:39:24
Well I’m gutted. Was looking forward to seeing him play before probably leaving in the summer. He’s a glorious player to watch but his body just can’t seem to sustain the action. At least we saw flashes of his brilliance. We’ll save a few quid that hopefully goes towards younger, fitter players. Will miss him though.

08 Feb 2024 12:43:55
I was one of those who initially defended this signing because he's a quality player - when fit. Ultimately it's turned out to be a costly mistake unfortunately.

08 Feb 2024 14:24:03
Johnny197, Love Thiago to death BUT it's getting really hard right now. I like you, defended his signing cos when he was fit for a couple of spells, he quite simply made us better. The guy ran a clinic in his debut vs Chelsea away, was critical to our finishing strong to finish strong in the run in in 20/ 21 and 21/ 22. Will never forget the clinic Thiago ran vs City in the FAC semis at Wembley. Absolute class, IMO.

That said, it's tough to see him this way and really, we all knew he would leave this summer anyway so at this point, not sure it matters right now esp. since we have enuff cover for him in that position. It is what it is.

08 Feb 2024 15:01:54
Impressive Improvement! Was expecting him to be injured during warm up but he did actually made a substitute appearance against Arsenal.

08 Feb 2024 15:34:33
Thiago pound for pound is one of Liverpool’s worst ever signings. Has cost the club £100m.

08 Feb 2024 15:35:06
Great player but unfortunately made of glass a bit like Fabio Aurelio.

08 Feb 2024 15:45:05
Saudi might suit him now. Either that or retire.

08 Feb 2024 15:59:17
Mark where did you get 100 mill from mate?

08 Feb 2024 16:00:06
Surprise, surprise!

08 Feb 2024 16:01:14
How?! How on earth do you suffer a muscle injury playeing for 8 mins. he's had months, not weeks, months of rehab and training. Are we seriously meant to believe that in all that time he didn't do anything that he He did against Arsenal, which was jog around and pass to their players for 8 mins. Its a joke . And no one give me that " you can't replicate game conditions in training" rubbish, he literally jogged around the pitch and made a few passes. he's stealing a living and its a disgrace . Surely they should just scan his body in the CT scanner top to bottom and see if there's any more muscles about to injury. This is a farce now and it's seriously smacking of theatre and make believe. No one gets injured jogging around for 8 mins after rehabbing for 10 months. Utter bull.

08 Feb 2024 16:07:19
I know you love him JK and always stuck up for up. It might be nearer £80m, I will concede that.
His wages have been ridiculous though considering the games he has missed. Was never a PL player for me. Brilliant in Germany.

08 Feb 2024 16:34:10
Mark I’m not trying to stick up for him mate I only asked where you got 100 mill from. It’s more closer to 60 mill as he’s on 10 mill a year and 20 mill transfer fee.

08 Feb 2024 16:48:02
There will be all sorts of agents fees, various bonuses etc. Did you do well in the ballot?

08 Feb 2024 17:11:44
Yes mate I’ve got Luton and Sheff Utd and got burnely sat and my name in the hat with my franchise for City, Brighton and palace.

Also guaranteed home Europa as we watched the 3 group games.

Did you enter the ballots mate?

08 Feb 2024 17:27:47
Europa was a great way to build credit but unfortunately I had no joy on that front. But we got Palace tickets and we should get Brighton as well. So better than usual ?.

08 Feb 2024 17:29:33
Good enough player in the right team but that was never ours. I mean great in the highlight reels for flicks and tricks but totally infective in an industrious midfield. Not too many goals or assists and certainly didn’t “ unlock those stubborn defences “ . I believe some tried to justify it by him giving the assist before the assist. Premier League was never for him, when fit . Be great in a 7 aside game ?.

08 Feb 2024 18:41:19
Not having a go but surely one of the criteria that allows a player to be considered ‘great’ is that he actually plays games regularly. And performs consistently well year in year out.

A skilful footballer when he was fit but the ship has sailed. The money spent on Thiago and Keita was, with hindsight, an immense waste. We should have saved it and got Mbappe in on a six month contract ?.

08 Feb 2024 18:55:16
Thiago is a quality footballer but LFC did not do their full investigation on him properly he was injury prone at Barcelona and Bayern Munich so why would he be different at LFC.

Due to whoever at the club not doing their job we will have to just pay the lad till he leaves in the summer .

08 Feb 2024 20:19:37
Pretty sure Thiago isn’t trying to get injured.
For his sake hope he gets his body together and gets a move to a warmer climate, maybe a slower league.

08 Feb 2024 20:21:27
His wages and what he cost are irrelevant to me, we don’t pay him so why are we even trying to guess what he’s cost the club?

The thing I’m bothered about is what he does on the pitch and to be honest he’s not done much even when fit. Those that read my posts will know I’ll normally support our players to the hilt, I was even known to stick up for Keita when everyone wanted to drown him in the Mersey.

Thiago is just a player that I never warmed to. He came in under the label of the best midfielder in the world and has done nothing but strut about trying to show how great he is whilst not affecting games very often at all.

He’s full of flicks and those irritating ball rolls with the sole of his boot instead of just getting on with his game and trying to actually make us a better team. He’s more interested in his YouTube showreel than us winning games.

Even against Arsenal on Sunday he’s come on, tried a no look pass inside his own half which went straight to an Arsenal player then just disappeared for the rest of the game.

He’s just not for me. Came in thinking he’s better than everyone and never tried to adapt to our style. The definition of a luxury player and a total passenger most of the time.

08 Feb 2024 20:29:57
True what you say tbf.

08 Feb 2024 20:30:52
Over 41,000,000 wages for 76 league apps over 4 years. Up there with Kieta for one of the worst signings in our history.

08 Feb 2024 20:57:00
Beckers pecker, given that you can read minds can you tell me what I am thinking right now?

08 Feb 2024 21:09:13
You are thinking you are really funny and clever for sending that post I would imagine Thunderbird.

08 Feb 2024 23:12:21
Actually I was thinking I am better than you. I guess those mind reading powers only work when you want them to.

09 Feb 2024 01:16:48
Great player, doesn’t really fit in the premier league but certainly does in European competitions.

His value extends to off the pitch. I’m certain he’s helped develop the younger midfielders at our club.

He’s helped Bajcetic and Curtis Jones.

We had Milner, Hendo and Thiago - that’s helped develop a lot of our youngsters to learn off such great professionals.

Hope he gets well and gets a good club.

09 Feb 2024 05:36:49
@BP, not sure anybody said we had to worry about how much the club paid for a player or what his wages are.

What I said was that, with hindsight, a giant waste of money and in these days of financial probity it is prudent to not throw £100m plus away for such a paltry return. I’m fairly sure that there would be ‘chatter’ if we fell foul of the financial rules though.

09 Feb 2024 07:52:18
Won’t be long til the halftime shows creep in and the prices go up and us normal working class are priced out of even attending a game . Atmospheres will decline . I love football and I love the reds but I’m getting fed up with the game .
They can push through new laws in no time but can’t punish the cheating gits I just think game is finished and is beyond help . Refs are deciding outcomes of games through stupidity
We now have ref watch and micd up to try justify the incompetence of the refs . More and more games at the top level coincides with more injuries to players than ever in search of more money while the standard of the football declines I just think the game is now on a path which it is unable to get off .

RIP the game of football.

09 Feb 2024 09:57:17
Thiago is undoubtedly a very good footballer, but he was a terrible signing given that his injury history was bad when we signed him and he was already getting on in years.

09 Feb 2024 11:09:43
not a fan of projecting a feeling as fact. It's like my mum going about a player only caring about their hair style and therefore they're arrogant pr*cks

to me it seemed an odd game to bring him in for. surely there are other games we can ease him back into the first team. instead we throw him out there in a game we need a goal against a title rival on their patch. sounds like a dud idea to me.

09 Feb 2024 12:11:47
"Thiago pound for pound is one of Liverpool’s worst ever signings. Has cost the club £100m. "

"I know you love him JK and always stuck up for up. It might be nearer £80m, I will concede that.
His wages have been ridiculous though considering the games he has missed. "

"There will be all sorts of agents fees, various bonuses etc. ".

Now this last one took the cake for me.

Seriously, I had no idea when this brilliant forum became a true fact-free zone where one can just make up schtick from thin air and pulling random numbers out of the wazoo to prove one's opinion.


09 Feb 2024 15:28:39
The problem is Faith we do that all of the time. How many people said that Keita just didn’t care until it was believed on here as fact? How do we know what he’s thinking? He may have been devastated to be injured so much.

What I should have said re Thiago is he ‘looked like’ he thought he was better than everyone ‘in my opinion’.

I would’ve thought that this was self explanatory though as I of course cannot read minds.

Thunderbird might be able to though as he is better than me. At what, I’m not sure but I’m sure it makes him feel better that he’s better than me at something.

09 Feb 2024 15:57:50
dhfc, we are priced out already, its why the atmosphere at Anfield isn't what it was 5 years ago even, £100 a ticket and i have 2 young lads desperate to go, we have to go to Legends matches just to see football at anfield, unless i want to pay near £600 for a hospitality game against Southampton, the games f'd.

10 Feb 2024 10:34:16
FSG take out the annual membership mate and enter the ballots.

I’ve got 4 games this season for my son who is 14 at £9 a ticket for him.

Unfortunately you won’t be able to do this now until next season.

10 Feb 2024 11:41:35
We could have a black card app so if the fans use it and get 90% approval then the ref is arrested and led off the pitch and replaced.



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