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21 Jul 2017 10:56:52
Hey Ed002.

Klopp siad that Coutinho is not for sale at any price. But, in one of your replies you said that the bid is less than what Liverpool would want! Are Liverpool open to selling Coutinho? Klopp also said that we are Not a Selling Club. We are Building a team, and Coutinho is an Integral part of that team.

You still think Lfc are open to sell Coutinho to Barcelona?

{Ed002's Note - Liverpool quoted Paris Saint Germain €100M to sell Philippe Coutinho around the end of May or beginning of June. It struck me as a very dumb thing to do. I expect Liverpool to resist any sale but as you know the player and his agent have been flirting with the idea of a move to Barcelona.}

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21 Jul 2017 11:15:43
Very dumb thing to do.

21 Jul 2017 11:37:22
Barcelona are going to try anything to keep Neymar so bidding for Coutinho is no surprise. If Neymar joins psg expect Coutinho to leave next season.

21 Jul 2017 11:50:12
Am sure based on the way transfer fees have gone mad. Liverpool have since changed there stance on accepting €100m for coutinho. I would also say every player has there price, although I hope nobody meets coutinho's.

21 Jul 2017 11:50:49
every player has a price no matter how good.
all football clubs are a business.

21 Jul 2017 11:53:27
Liverpool under klopp are not a selling club.
Coutinio is happy at Liverpool.
He has a young family and his kids are settled in Liverpool and even have scouse accents.
A player of his calibre is always going to attract interest from the world's best.
I'm not worried about him leaving this year at all.
If we fail to keep progressing as a team and don't qualify for champions league next year then I would be a little more worried.
On the other hand if we do qualify again next year and perhaps win the league this season or make a serious challenge, I think we will find it easier to land the very best players.
With better players we will win more.

This is a very important season for liverpool. Do well and we could open the door to years of success.

Do poorly and it could be back to the drawing board.

Welcome to Liverpool Andy.

21 Jul 2017 12:33:16
No way should Couts be sold at any price this summer. There has been a lot of positive talk about the club's ambition this summer and selling Couts just puts a huge dent into the club's future prospects for the foreseeable future. Keita should be no replacement for Couts. The ambition should be to pair the two with Hendo and build a top notch midfield that can outplay the very best.
Selling Couts to fund VVD and Keita is like taking a one step forward and two steps backward.

21 Jul 2017 11:40:36
Would liverpool try and get rafinha as part of the deal if it came to it?

{Ed002's Note - I have no idea but his time at Barcelona is at an end.}

21 Jul 2017 11:43:32
Given what you've said above Ed002 mate (and to be honest you've constantly reiterated for years now about LFC) do you think (using a metaphor) that the left hand is blind to what the right hand is doing in the case of our club?

{Ed002's Note - I think it is more a case of bravado to try and scare off interested parties. Liverpool are not great at dealing with such matters and all too often have jumped the gun and said things.}

21 Jul 2017 12:20:38
Thanks for clarifying the PSG tout by lfc Ed002. Personally I'd prefer to keep Couts, sack off Keita and give Grujic the opportunity this season and most importantly focus on the defence, get VVD in if it's possible. Hopefully Robertson will prove a lot of us wrong.

{Ed002's Note - I suspect that you are closer to the truth than perhaps you realise.}

21 Jul 2017 12:51:05
What complete nonsense in this thread. Firstly Klopp has no say in the matter. Secondly, do you really think these yank penny pinching hedge fund managers were going to stump £70 mill for Kieta without a significant sale? More chance of platting fog. Thirdly not all players have a price as the poster eluded too above, as we've just found out in our pursuit of Kieta. All players have a price if the business model is guided by hedge fund principles and econometric models. Trust me Phils gone and net spend will either be in the black or virtually zero.

21 Jul 2017 12:57:35
Suppered91, can you elaborate please as to why we're not a selling club under Klopp? Has Klopp got a percentage ownership in the club us fans aren't aware of?

21 Jul 2017 13:10:27
Another classic FSG gilt edged £10 mill punt on Andy Robertson. Can't lose, they'll stump that sort of dough all day long in the knowledge their hedge criteria should yield at least a doubling up in value over the course of a season or 2. Where was salah or the dough for a winger when Mane went to ACON and we were top of the league, beat city New Year's Eve and title contenders. Every man and his dog could see the system and that lace was vital in the final third. Six weeks later and we're out of everything.

21 Jul 2017 13:14:16
Wow Ozone's bnack with a blast.

Must say io disagree with everything you've said. These owners saved our club from oblivion and have pumped significantly more money in than they have taken out, that is simply just a fact.

But the truth is that football clubs have to be a business. If you want to shift towards fan ownership then fine, but prepare for a life much lower down the footballing pyramid. Just how much did Ebbsfleet progress under fan ownership?

Klopp does have a say in the matter, as does everyone in a senior position at the club. It is not a case of edicts coming from America to do whatever they want, it is a club, with most people trying to work together.

All players do have a price. Yes we may not be able to get Keita for £60mill or £65mill or £70mill. but if we were to offer say £500mill, then we would sign him. So every player does have a price.

We have progressed since Klopp arrived, not as fast as he said we would and the owners assumed we would, but we have progressed. So who cares if the net spend is in the black? In fact, I want net spend to be in the black if at all possible.

And actually, if you want rid of these "yank penny pinching hedge fund managers" then you should want the club in the black. Who on earth is going to pay for the running of the club if we are spending beyond our means every transfer window?

Perhaps you just want a rich middle eat prince to come in and splash their oil money and fill the team with mercenaries. In which case that is not the club I love.

The owners aren't perfect, they are in it to make money, and they have made significant mistakes over their time at the club, but they are trying to fix those issues, they have expanded the stadium at great expense, they have brought in the manager that almost everybody wanted and they are trying to do it right. And with people like Kenny still involved in the club the club still has a heart which cares about the people at the club, the fans and the people in the city.

All I want is to enjoy watching my club play football, and selling one player, however good they are, isn't going to stop that.

If Coutinho leaves then I wish him all the best, he has given me some great memories. If he stays then he will continue making those memories I'm sure.

If we sign Keita then great, he looks a good player and i'll enjoy watching him play. If we don't then ah well, we have lots of good players already and i enjoy watching them play.

Anyway, it's good to have you back Ozone, despite not agreeing with you in anyway whatsoever.

All the best everyone, i'm off to the pub!

21 Jul 2017 13:26:30
Ozone. I suspect if we sold our best players every season klopp would soon lose interest.
He has come here with a long term project to build a title winning side capable of competing in the highest level of European cup.
If he is forced by the club to sell his best players for nothing but profit I suspect he would have second thoughts about staying.
I don't think he would stop players leaving if they really wanted to but he has been quoted as saying "liverpool are not a selling club"

21 Jul 2017 13:28:56
Champions league play off game in August will tell a lot. Will Couts actually play or will he be on the bench?

21 Jul 2017 13:46:01
Barcelona's first choice is Verratti and I don't think that has changed. They might buy both with Neymar money. But would be a dumb move.
Everything depends on Verratti and not Neymar!

21 Jul 2017 13:48:20
We are not a selling club though. We sell players who have a desire to leave for pastures New, such as Suarez and maybe Phil. We also sell players who Liverpool deem not good enough such as Carroll or Benteke.

Can you name me the last good quality player we sold that wanted to stay at LFC. If that had happened then we would be a selling club. Just remember, good players leave clubs all the time, especially when the said club have failed to win anything in ages. Players want success.

21 Jul 2017 13:45:57
FSG will pull off Keita to save themselves from the likes of Waro and Ozone. They would rather die than sell Coutinho!

21 Jul 2017 14:00:01
Ohhhhh no here we go the irish rovers here as usual. We're not a selling club now we only sell players who have a desire to leave! Ohhhhh it's painful to read. Quality players won't stay at LFC rover as their agents know the business model and that there's more chance of platting fog than there is us winning the title under this shower so they go elsewhere for a medal haul. In your statement you've knocked on the front door walked round the house to end up back at the front door. We're the new Arsenal of the north and you may as well call the manager Arsen Klopp. Top 4, player resale, growing revenues, 15% plus yields and package exploitation are the only variables these owners are interested in. If these variables flourish the capital value rises. Win win win $$$$$$$$$.

21 Jul 2017 14:02:27
Every player does have a price, we just haven't met Keita's yet.

21 Jul 2017 14:04:42
That's it then we can all sleep at night, superred91 has indeed confirmed that we're not a selling club. Phils stopping.

21 Jul 2017 14:08:25
Oh and before anyone starts, I'm not saying Robertsons a bad buy, good addition to be fair but classic FSG punt. They've not all unfolded that way - Bikini, the neck!

21 Jul 2017 14:16:26
Think ed and red reaper are right. Keep Phil, won't get kieta and focus on vvd.


That's would be a pretty decent window.

If vvd can request a transfer can't kieta do so also?

21 Jul 2017 14:16:54
I still don't get what you want Ozone?

You want us to spend massive amounts of money on loads of players because taking a punt on a "good addition" isn't enough?

Where is this money coming from? Are you going to give the club the extra millions needed to make this possible?

The owners have put more money in than they have taken out, that is simple fact, they are yet to make any profit on their investment whatsoever, so how on earth are they the ones ruining the club?


21 Jul 2017 14:31:44
What are you on about Reddawn. The clubs worth a billion, your talking absolute eyewash. On paper they've made a handsome profit. If it wasn't for Brexit no doubt they would've sold and cashed in. Without doubt they won't invest and build on the existing squad to compete on all levels, they'll sell to buy. We lost mane to ACON and folded RedDawn, season over in six weeks. That in itself says the squads not good enough and needs investment. We have European commitments next season and if we don't build on the existing squad the campaign will end up like Teds after Suarez.

21 Jul 2017 14:36:35
Good post Reaper.

21 Jul 2017 14:39:01
Let's just clarify here, specifically regarding what Rover posted. Ok if we're not a selling club then surely an offer of let's say £150 mill for Phil and the owners will adopt the same stance as Leipzig specifically if Jurgen sees him as integral in his plans. Agreed? If you disagree then indeed we're a selling club. Phils signed a five year deal. That, on the face of it says he wants to stay at LFC does it not?

21 Jul 2017 14:43:08
So you want them to fund the purchase of a world class player to cover for one player going away for 6 weeks?

Where is this money coming from?

You seem to have no idea on how to run a business. You can't just pump money into it and hope for the best. The people who own the club are investors, they are not a charity.

Every club should aim to run without debt, at the moment, Liverpool has a huge amount of debt, and the owners have put more money into the club than they have taken out of the club.

The proof of the pudding will be when the club is actually making a profit and whether investment will come then or whether we will just be another Arsenal.

But at the moment, the owners have not made any profit whatsoever, and unless they sell up then they won't any time soon.

This is fantasy fairy land stuff where you think money grows on trees and the club should spend money they don't have.

I'm not going to ask the Eds to back me up on this because they won't want to get in to talking about money, but i'm sure they would agree that Liverpool do not have the money nor the means to invest in the squad more heavily than they are at the moment.

Anyway, i can see we won't agree so i'll wish you well and say goodbye.

21 Jul 2017 14:43:26
Cant Barcelona just go get get kieta and put an end to all this 😉.

21 Jul 2017 15:28:29
Ohhh it's painful it really is. I'm sure there's a thousand and one lemmings like RedDawn out there who can't see the wood got the trees as they know nothing about busines. I give up.

21 Jul 2017 15:56:55
You've still provided no solution whatsoever to the non existent problem that you have created in your own head.

How would you like to see the club run?

A rich oligarch? Fan ownership? American style franchise system?

I am intrigued to learn the Ozone method of running a football club. Please do enlighten me oh great one.

21 Jul 2017 16:07:42
Yes please, give up.

21 Jul 2017 16:10:49
Spot on, red dawn. After years of reading Ozone and Waros posts on here, i have seen plenty of issues and no solutions. They are simply agitators with no end goal.

21 Jul 2017 16:52:11
I'd love to go for a drink with Ozone. seems a right cheery chap! 😀🔫.

21 Jul 2017 17:58:05
Ozone please give over with your habit of always dealing in conspiracy theories regarding FSG and how they are useless owners cos they don't do the things you want them to do. You are aware that FSG have no say in who we sign nor sell, right? Neither do they have a say on who the scouts pick for us to sign? They have employees who do these things and they have never interfered with transfer issues apart from the Suarez saga. If we cannot sign someone, that is Klopp's decision as he has the final say on who comes in and who does not. You're so negative in your appraisal of FSG that is is bordering on lunacy.

They can't never do anything right, in your eyes. That is not an opinion from you. That is you having an agenda and to me, it is just pathetic. FSG have their issues but they are trying their best. What else do you want from them? To cripple the club and spend on players just to suit your ego? Again, enough with your conspiracy theories cos like it or not, nobody cares about them but you.

21 Jul 2017 18:16:50
We've never sold our best players have we. oh hang on - Keegan, Rush, Souness, Owen, McManaman, Fowler - just a few names that spring to mind. All clubs are selling clubs if the right amount of cash is on offer.

22 Jul 2017 08:14:24
Difference between a selling club and where LFC clearly aims to be is what someone purlined previously. Selling club is constantly selling to bigger clubs. A top level club will sell unsettled or looking for new challenge type players but will know and have sorted a like for like replacement. EG Dalglish for Keegan.

22 Jul 2017 12:37:00
@The Irish Rover.
"Can you name me the last good quality player we sold that wanted to stay at LFC"
You should have added "under FSG" to that sentence. Because right now to your question I can answer with Alonso.

Anyway Red dawn or ozone whoever said about buying a world class player to cover for mane going to afcon. (cba scrolling up again through all that arguing) .


Keita is in no way at all even remotely related to Mane's position. So I don’t it?
When Mane left for Afcon we missed his direct pace. Ala Salah (that was fun to say in my head)
We will still have epic direct pace (Salah seems even faster somehow than Mane) . But Afcon is 3 transfer windows away. (And if it gets moved to the summer like pruposed. we don't need to worry) so what’s the fuss over it?

22 Jul 2017 13:50:06
Ignore the 2nd to last bit of my post. For some stupid reason I forgot Salah would be going to AFCON too xD *down votes own post and slaps self*.



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